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&Your effort was valueless, sorry, princess~.
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Pahaha, math.

Posted March 20th, 2015 at 6:36 PM by Palamon

*I am getting into Mikagura School Suite right now. It's not my fault. But say goodbye to the avatar of a crying girl. YES, I know it was depressing.

Anyway, math is just...the death of me yet again. I've already explained that no matter how many times yuo pound it into me, I can't understand it unless I try in a hundred different ways to learn it. I'm good with numbers, but I can't divide well without forgetting a few seconds later. Besides, math was my weakness back then, and this year, it is again my weakness. Last year, I only passed because the teacher I had went on sick leave for the second half of the year. I'm failing miserably and I guess all I can do to get better at math is practice...

As for stress? ...Yup. But, it's not as bad. I got over my cold. Of course my nose is still gross, but other than this headache that keeps returning from the grave, I'm fine. Of course, I'm still going through those identity issues, but sooner or later, I'll figure out who I really am, won't I? For now, the best I can do is stop stressing, stop letting math make me feel miserable, and again try the positivity thing again. Of course, with mood swings, I don't know how possible that'll be, but hey, why not try?

Also, I love A Certain Scientific Railgun. A lot. It's a great anime.
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