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Posted January 25th, 2018 at 11:41 AM by Pudding

Parks are nice places to relax or spend time with friends. Parties can be arranged as well as barbecues if one desires so. But there's one park up in Austria that earns a special spot in many bucket lists and the reason lies in the towering mountains beside it.



Once winter hands the reigns over to spring, the snowmelt causes the small lake located underneath to rise up to ten times its size, hence the pictures of scuba divers witnessing benches and trails that would otherwise be dry during other months of the year.

There is a family of spiders (Archaeidae) that look, well, different. Unlike many, this family is known for their long jaws and necks, earning them the nickname Pelican Spiders. There's also Assassin Spiders due to their diet consisting of other spiders. There's that too.

Why they're not as known despite their peculiar look, I'm not sure. Regardless, you won't find them hunting spiders just about anywhere. These spiders aren't very common and can be found in Australia and Madagascar, to name a few.

Hello! I've always loved stumbling across weird and fascinating information that not many are really aware of. Seeing as how I still stop to ponder about half the wonders of the world, I might as well dump it into an online journal of sorts to go back to. Meanwhile others can also skim over it and perhaps learn something they've never known!

With that said, Toodles ~<3

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