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Posted February 1st, 2018 at 5:51 PM by Pudding

There's a cave in Mexico chockfull of crystals of varying sizes. Crystals can even measure several meters in length! It goes by either Cave of Crystals or Giant Crystal Cave.


However due to the conditions found inside - high temperatures and humidity - the cavern is restricted. I believe scientists have also managed to find microbes living within these crystals? I stumbled upon it just now and it appears to be a very recent discovery as well.

This is the Thylacinus cynocephalus, or simply Thylacine. First things first, it is believed to be extinct (sometime during the 20th century), although there had been attempts made to clone a specimen and revive the species. Unconfirmed sightings are aplenty with this one too, but alas no live specimens or convincing proof to prove its rumored existence.

Quick fact: One neat feature they had was how wide these creatures could open their jaws. Up to 80 degrees. It's more fascinating watching it on video, which exists in the internet for whomever is curious.

There's a live version of the music video (with a better visual really) albeit a different version of the song.

With that out of the way, hello! Been binge watching Spongebob (starting from Season One), and I still love it as I always have! <3 I personally prefer the first few seasons over the newest ones, but I suppose it could be nostalgia.

I've also begun reading the webseries Worm due to a roleplay in the works inspired/based off it. Curiosity got the best of me and... I got hooked. It's been so long since I've dedicated hours to reading a story - college is more of a need than a want really - and so yeah c:

With that said, Toodles ~<3

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