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Posted February 6th, 2018 at 5:20 PM by Pudding

This is more like random factoids than anything, but I still find it fascinating to know that one's intestines are far far longer than their own height. The small intestines have been found to be estimated at around 20 feet long whilst the long intestines about 5. A quick google search can provide that c; (Not saying I didn't go to Google to confirm. Eep.)

Dogs are pregnant for around two months. I'm sure that was common knowledge for some, but as for I... I didn't know until recently. My family never owned a female dog, nor did I ever bother to ask. Then you have animals who have looooong gestation periods such as the elephant. They go and carry their babies around in their womb for more than twice the amount of time we humans do. Almost two years. That's quite a bit.

Rabbits! <3 Ever heard of the Angora Rabbit? It's an adorable, FLUFFY domesticated rabbit commonly bred for its wool.

I mean... there's nothing much to say. It's a cute floof.

Look, a baby <3

Baby names are fun to come up with, which is why I loved listening to the method by which many individuals got their names. For example, my parents wanted to originally name me Angeles. Apparently that name was too common amongst their peers and area, so Dulce was chosen instead (since it wasn't a name that was heard too often). While my husband was named after his father's favorite singer.

So now it's our turn to come up with the decision that will forever follow a human being for the rest of their lives. Unless they decide to change it. Or stick with a nickname. Hm. Hmmmm.

With that said, Toodles ~<3

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