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A new year dawns, a new light shines

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A new year dawns, a new light shines

Posted January 4th, 2016 at 3:58 AM by Melody

As 2016 dawns, and it's daylight begins to break, the new year now well under way...a new light shines forth.

So far as I can tell; this year is seeming to show much promise! Even I feel as if there is a renewed energy in the world, there's a collective hope that dawns on this year that I feel.

It's stronger than before. Like at least ten times stronger. Past years, even in my life pale in comparison. Maybe I'm just more sensitive to it. More attuned to it. But...perhaps that's the interesting thing about that.

There's just something energizing about the start of a new year, and I notice the collective hopes and dreams behind it, as it starts. The wheels of the clocks of time inexorably click turn after turn, but despite that, life lives on. It finds it's way. Time, like life, moves on ever eternal, the time ticking out a beat to the life's rhythm, which in turn drives each unique melody.

Most importantly; for me, it feels like the start of a new era. I feel like there's something on the horizon. I know not what it is yet, nor what it shall bring, but I hold the feeling of hope that it will be a Good Thing and that things will work out. I pray not for challenges, but I understand their effects and know that sometimes even they can effect a net positive. Instead I pray for things that bring only good things into my life, and not just the silver linings within things that exist, or appear bad. I feel lots of things changing around me every day, the gears and cogs click and turn as they align.
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