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Shadow Puppetmasters

Posted December 13th, 2017 at 8:52 PM by string555

When you die, you will leave behind a sort of shadow of yourself. The people you influenced in your life that remain alive will continue to be influenced by you. They may even pass on this influence to others. If you leave behind any of your thoughts in different places, anyone who comes across these thoughts will also end up being influenced by them, in different ways.

A negative example of this is the shadow that Hitler left behind. Even though he died many years ago, people still follow his path in the form of racial hatred, such as with Neo-Nazis. Since his shadow keeps passing on through generations, there's really no telling if it will ever stop.

A positive example, IMO, is Buddha. He died hundreds of years ago, and yet his teachings continue to live on. Many people have followed his beliefs and bettered their lives because of them, so his shadow has remained for a very long time.

So if you died today, what kind of shadow would you leave behind? Would it cause very little influence? Would some people be influenced by it in a negative way, while others in a good way?

As for me, I feel content with my shadow. I believe the influence I leave behind will work for the better when I eventually die.

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