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The Life Mask Gallery

Posted January 25th, 2018 at 10:38 AM by string555

[Left]We all wear different masks throughout our lives. We try out different characters of ourselves at a young age. If we wear a mask for a long enough time, it becomes less of a mask, and more like our true face. As we grow older, our character becomes more defined, there is a lot less acting and more of being ourselves. Sometimes we decide to change our character, so we try out a different mask for a time. If we decide we like how that character feels, we keep it, and once again, it becomes a true part of us.

The problem is when we try to wear this disguise when we don't really feel like this character. Instead, we try to wear it just to fit in with a crowd. Since it's not really how we feel, the mask is simply a lie. Doing such a thing is unhealthy, because it contradicts how we really feel inside. It's better to act how you really feel, so when you meet people that like you, they like the real you, and not a fake you. Too many people will even try to form relationships while wearing one of these fake masks, and since the other person only likes the fake them, it typically doesn't last long. Forming any relationship on the weak foundation of lies is only asking for whatever is built on top of them to fall apart.

So throughout your life, try wearing different masks to see if they fit with you. If they don't, simply discard them and try some new ones. Over time, you will end up developing your true character in life, knowing how you really feel inside, and showing it on the outside as well. There will come a time where you no longer need these masks, and instead [b]you can just be you.[/b][/Left]

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