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Random sketch dump #1

Posted May 12th, 2011 at 7:49 PM by Timbjerr

I usually don't post my sketches around here because a) I'm not very confident in my skills and b) most of my random sketches of boredom are so surreal that I'd probably be institutionalized if anyone saw them. XD

But I'm in an art-posting mood today, so I've decided to start using this blog as a vehicle to get feedback and criticism of my pencilwork and technique by posting selections from my random sketches of boredom. This'll be good for the lulz at the very least. XD

I've currently got no scanner, so these are all taken via camera phone:

This one was made during a slow day at work (the usual source of my "inspiration"). I call him Happy, the murderous chipmonk.

This next one was a joke. Someone was complaining about how crappy some GenV pokemon were and I told him that crappier pokemon could exist. I proceeded to design this thing to prove my point. I think I eventually named it "dukenem" XD

This one was the result of insomnia the night before my last final exam. I was looking for a way to channel my frustration and...I think it worked. I fell asleep shortly after and I went into my exam with full confidence. XD
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