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Shine Diamond episode 18: The Afterpost

Posted May 5th, 2018 at 12:08 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Dawn tries to befriend a mischievous Pachirisu, but after nearly releasing it, she has a change of heart.

This episode was one of those that worked very well when switched over to a different evil team and boiled down to a more straightfoward plot. So instead of the Pachirisu, nee Stormy, going with the admins and then being reclaimed by the gang, Stormy wanted to be with the gang all along--Galactic just tried to tempt her.

Of course, this means that Dawn doesn't technically release Stormy. She intends to, but Stormy doesn't understand Dawn's emotional breakdown as she considers Dawn her master still.

Ash brings up appeal types when Dawn gets Stormy because he wants her to have a diverse set of appeal types, like a trainer has a well balanced team. Eventually Dawn's remixed team will cover four of the five appeal types--the only one she'll be missing is Toughness.

Next time, the gang and the admins team up to try and capture a notorious Pokemon hunter!
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