A blog I often forget about but really want to use more. /shrug

Anyway, I'm still trying to find how I can best use this blog, so bare with me haha.
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Posted February 14th, 2015 at 5:20 AM by Circuit

So I need to like, actually use this haha!

I've a pretty weird first week being 19. I was a tad ill at the start of the week, and now I'm ill again (great)! To make things worse I couldn't get a note from the doctors so now I have to go to my boss asap on Monday and apologise. That'll be fun.

And now my computer also wants to mess around, causing Photoshop to crash whilst I was in the middle of a request. Thanks, I've lost quite a bit of progress, and I hate back-pedalling anyway. Anyways, I'll try and figure out what I want to do with this soon XD
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