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Shine Diamond episode 20--The Afterpost

Posted May 12th, 2018 at 1:15 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Dawn and Brock get some practice in an unofficial Contest and Fantasy Stage. Meanwhile, Mars attempts borrowing Jupiter's Skuntank Noctis for the Contest.

This episode was dramatically rewritten to account for the Rockets and Aipom being gone. Since Ash doesn't have Aipom in the remix, I was still able to have the episode's basic conceit still work by having Mars borrow one of of Jupiter's Pokemon. As much as I wanted to show how that came back to bite Mars in the end, I knew I also had to fit in the Fantasy Stage, so the next time we see Mars and Jupiter (they don't appear in the next episode), you'll see just what happened.

Dawn wears the lavender tap dancer outfit from her daydream for the Contest. All the outfits seen in her daydreams earlier are some of the outfits she actually owns.

If you're curious about the songs and stories used in the episode:

Noctis danced to this

Stormy danced to this

Jupiter/Juno told this

Brock told this

Next time, Brock is asked to inspire a depressed Pikachu with his Fantasy Stage material!
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