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Shine Diamond episode 56b--The Afterpost

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 3:22 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the group and the rangers confront the one who hired J for Amira's fate!

I deliberately did not describe the client--I wanted to leave what he looks like up to the readers' imagination. I did give Dawn and Brock a little more of an active role in dealing with J (even though the battle occurred offscreen.)

I had Brock induce Argent here to see how J would considerably react to Mega Evolution--she will actually see Ash get to use it eventually.

The confrontation in the cave almost saw Ash using the Swanna Song a third time, but I thought that was too over the top to have him use it three times in one day (even though between Johto, when he first learned the song, and this point, he would have the strength to use it three times or more in one day provided he had sufficient rest time between uses)

Next time, Ash remembers one of his greatest battles while defending Tintri from an eager trainer!
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