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Of Fake Fairytales and Faux Amour (Drawings!)

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Of Fake Fairytales and Faux Amour (Drawings!)

Posted October 20th, 2011 at 8:29 PM by Kura
Updated October 20th, 2011 at 8:39 PM by Kura
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Been playing some Ace Attorney recently.. and I was REALLY inspired by this AMAZING picture:

My drawing is just below.. but.. Just wow.. It's so crazy hard to get that sort of perspective right.. not to mention light it so accurately. It's so difficult to not only draw men sitting in perspective, or crossing their legs with regular pants.. not to mention those shoes! *_* It's freaking gorgeous! But man.. I decided to give a shot of my own with that same sort of feeling:

I'm going to go with the last one there ^ It's the most visually pleasing to me. And I am going to keep the expression on the lineart.. the hand is also a lot better in the lineart.. but.. oh well.
I got a bit impatient from trying to figure out the legs so I decided to practice my own speedpainting too.. I am going to be redoing it for the final entirely.. but I really need to work on rendering my drapery a ton. I look at some art from people like Saskia or Adam Hughes and like.. I really am trying to get to their level. I look at this and I am like.. wow I sort of fudged it haha.. I really need to pay attention to lighting and work on it more. To be honest, I'm not particularly proud of it.. but I really need to start posting my art more. I find I have a ton of doodles but I never take the time to scan them and show anyone.. and I want that to change. Anyways, I also don't know if I want to stick with this colour story. Well.. more progress to come!

The title is a fanfiction that I love.. probably my favourite. It take a lot of work to write a good fic.. I also recommend visiting Pokecommunity's fanfiction section sometime! Give some of those writers your support, and give that section some activity! <3 I am sure they will appreciate it!

Anyways.. I'm out for now :3
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