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A Christmas Blog

Posted December 26th, 2014 at 12:16 AM by Meganium

Usually I am not around the internet AT ALL during the holidays, because I use it to spend all the time with family. Last Christmas was the final Christmas with my grandmother (mom's side) before she passed. It took us weeks to finally accept the fact that we won't be able to spend Christmas in Mexico like we always have. Like I always have all my life. This year I spent Christmas at home for the very first time, and let me tell felt a bit eerie. I would always expect to do the same traditions with my cousins at Grandmother's house, but...we can't anymore. It's illegal to make bonfires in our backyards in my area. It's illegal to blow up fireworks. Nobody in my family this year wanted turkey. I wasn't able to make my yearly traditional Choco Flan because my sister and uncle's girlfriend made cookies, and mom thought there was too much dessert on the table. The tamales didn't taste the same as over the years. It was missing something. Instead of waiting 3 hours to cross the border like every night on the 25th, I was already home...and right now I was just about to ask my mom if "we're leaving yet".

I was already ready to let it go (god DAMN THIS IS THE 83740927340TH TIME THE MOVIE FROZEN IS PLAYING RIGHT NOW COME THE PSYDUCK OOOOON). Say goodbye to the old traditions that I've held on for 24 years, and said hello to newer traditions that are coming upon. I've also realized that this year would be the last year I'd spend Christmas with my parents while living at home. God knows what will happen next Christmas because I'll be in Houston. It all depends on what life takes me, but I hope it'll allow me to at least visit them for Christmas.

Most of the people that spent Christmastime with us (my uncle and his girlfriend, my grandmother from dad's side of the family, my oldest cousin with his three children, and a friend of my mom's) have already left tonight , and my older sister with my two nieces remains until Saturday. In the topic of traditions, my uncle's girlfriend, who is from Germany, shared her traditions from her past Christmases while living in Germany. They were all fascinating. She made cookies that had a hint of almond-flavored tequila, and a warm alcoholic drink that reminds me of the "ponche" we Mexicans do every holiday. German-style ribs were also on the menu along with the tamales. I even tried Bratschweiger and Liverwurst for the very first time. Lemme tell ya, they were goooooood.

I did a ton more giving this year than last year. 30 people were on my list, including my two pairs. But giving is something I absolutely adore during Christmastime, because it is the true meaning of the holiday. This was also the second year I decided not to ask people what I wanted. The only thing I wanted was to see people smile and I did. My niece absolutely adored her new Shopkins toys. My little sister loves me more for getting new 5 Seconds of Summer merchandise. My other little niece is loco for Frozen merch. I gave Kanzler crystal tier supportership. I got Buoysel an Amazon gift card. I helped a co-worker get back on the road again providing her two full tanks of gas. The list goes on and on. Made 30 people smile today. It's awesome. :D

I really hope everyone's Christmas was the best this year, and hope everyone got what they wanted. Not only that, I hope you made people smile today as well. May you all be blessed with magic for the rest of the year. <3
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