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I'm a Nurse! Part 2! (ORAS role-Challenge)

Posted April 12th, 2015 at 10:47 PM by (Duzzy<3)
Updated April 13th, 2015 at 3:08 AM by (Duzzy<3)

"Dear Diary,

Last month was pretty insane, but these past three have been even more insane. I was able to go through the region and battle many Gym Leaders, Trainers, and baddies, and even super ancient Pokemon!

I headed to Fortree City to challenge the Flying-type expert and bird Pokemon enthusiast, Winona. Her Altaria was strong, but not strong enough for my own flying fairy, Togekiss! Dazzling Gleam clipped her Pokmon's wings pretty well, and i got myself another Gym badge. I also got to see that rather odd Steven person, again. Well, I got a neat Devon Scope out of it!


Next on the map was Mt. Pyre. I noticed a group of Team Aqua Grunts headed over to it, and remembering what Archie said when I battled him, that they found something there, made me too nervous to not follow them. Though, I do hate to say that I got sidetracked when I met a wandering Pokemon Center Lady and her Skitty on the dock leading to Mt. Pyre! Her Skitty was precious, and it used Wish and Heal Bell on my Pokemon to restore their health! She even gave me tips on healing!

Anyway, I headed to the summit of Mt. Pyre and met up with Archie, again. This time, I battled his rather eccentric Admin, Matt, again. He's really starting to make me feel uncomfortable. Is he hitting on me? Either way, his Pokemon couldn't keep up with my own, and I was able to save the elderly couple. They handed me the Red Orb, telling me that the Blue Orb and the Red Orb must not be too far from one another for too long. Afterwards, I headed on to Slateport City, where I met Captain Stern once again, and, like last time, he needed my help. Archie and Shelly stole his submarine and said they had planned on using it to get to Kyogre!

Stern took me on a ferry to Lilycove in hopes to stop them, but at their Base, ever Aqua member was waiting for me. Battling through Grunt after Grunt, I finally reached the dock where Team Aqua had already altered the submarine into an underwater, mobile drill! Matt blocked my path, yet again, and I was unable to stop Archie from getting away.


Once all of that mess was wrapped up, I swam over to Mossdeep City to visit the Space Center and then for a battle against the Psychic Twins, Tate & Liz. Their Pokemon, Solrock and Lunatone, proved to be a little bit of a messy match up against my team and myself. Thankfully, Audino knew Surf, so she Mega Evolved and after a few Calm Minds, her and Blissey were able to bring the twins to their knees in defeat! I got a badge and the TM Calm Mind.

The moment I left the Gym, an explosion came out of the sea about five mils south of Mossdeep City! A beam of light shot through the sky and could be seen from all over, most likely. Steven was in the street when it happened, and he called out to me. We went into his home on in the City where we discussed the beam of light. Apparently Team Aqua succeeded in opening the chamber that leads to Kyogre. I healed my Pokemon, grabbed a few useful items, and headed to the sea to stop Team Aqua!


Man, that Seafloor Cavern was a mess to get to! But, it was nice seeing all of the wild, deep-sea Pokemon swimming about. The Chinchou are so cute! I even saw a Lanturn!

The chamber itself had just a few Grunts in it. I guess they couldn't fit too many people into the sub. I battled my way through the cave, avoiding as many wild battles as possible, until I got to the very bottom floor. It seemed as though Maxie, the Leader of Team Magma, had beaten me here, and got beaten in a battle himself. Right after, Archie battled me, where he revealed that he too can Mega Evolve! Fortunately, my Mega Audino was just strong enough to beat his Mega Sharpedo.

Though I had won the battle, the blue Orb in Archie's pocket began to shine! It flashed a blue light, and all of a sudden Kyogre awakened! Another blast of light filled the room as it began to stir. Kyogre dove into the pool it was sleeping in for thousands of years, and from the sounds of things, headed over to Sootopolis City, a city located in a giant crater that a meteorite made!

I met Team Aqua and Magma outside of the Cavern, and they headed over to Sootopolis. Shortly after, Steven arrived telling me to do the same as the others. When I arrived I noticed that all doors except the ones leading to the Pokemon Center and the Poke Mart where locked tight and barricaded. I met Steven by one of the walkways, where I also met Wallace, the Sootopolis City Gym Leader. It was so dark and rainy that I could barely see what he looked like.

We all, Steven, Wallace, Shell, Archie, Maxie, May, and I, to the entrance to the Cave of Origin. It seems as though this is where Kyogre is located, lying in wait until it reverts back to its Primal, original, form. Archie begged me to use their Aqua Suit to save Kyogre, and the world, from the insane, impending flood.

I enter the cave and make my way to the bottom, all the while hearing Kyogre scream from the bottom floor. It sounded like it was in great pain...

Finally, Kyogre appeared and I latched onto it for dear life!

When I finally came to, I was sitting face to face with Kyogre in some strange room. It just sat there, eyeing me down. I checked my PokeNav, and noticed all signals had been lost. I sat up, and the moment I did, Kyogre began to transform into its Primal Form! Immediately a deluge of water and a barrage of wind picked up. This was its ability, Primordial Sea.

Kyogre was my toughest match up until this point. Blissey, Mega Audino, Latias, and even Togekiss all struggled against it. It was 4v1, and it seemed as though Kyogre was about to win. The poor thing, every attack it made seemed to put it in great pain. Just how long had it been since it last battled? How bad were these scars that lasted from its fight against Groudon? How awful the trauma must have been. Kyogre was going out of control, until what seemed like a miracle, Mega Audino was able to weaken greatly. Kyogre's attacks began to slow down and it began to pace itself, giving my Pokemon enough time to heal themselves.

The battle continued for another two hours. everyone was exhaust. My Pokemon, myself, and even Kyogre seemed spent. However, due to the enraged state it was in, Kyogre continued to press for battle. Being as weak as it was, I took a chance and threw a Dive Ball at it, praying to Arceus that it stay in. If I can't beat it in a battle, I can at least heal its wounds.

Kyogre seemed to trust my heart, and I captured it! Suddenly, the cavern flooded over and swallowed me into it. I came to once again at the bottom floor of the Cave of Origin. I exited to see the skies were clear of rain, and the others standing by, waiting for me. I told them of what happened, and the world was able to take a big sigh of relief. The Hoenn region was saved!


About three days after the event at the Cave of Origin, Wallace came to visit me in the Sootpolis City Pokemon Center. My Pokemon, and Kyogre, were all fully healed. Wallace challenged me to a battle at his Gym, and I accepted! His Pokemon were tricky, and they were strong, but after what happened at the Cave of Origin, I felt as though nothing would ever be that tough again, and I was right! In just a few short minutes, I had dominated the final Gym of the Hoenn region, and was ready and set to begin challenging Victory Road!


On my way to Evergrande City, I happened to go home for a quick rest. While there, Professor Birch updated my PokeDex into the National Dex. Apparently, Kyogre's flood and the release of all of its power stirred about many other Pokemon from other regions, calling many of them into the seas and land of Hoenn! The flood also created many whirlpools, which somehow made many islands with Pokemon from other regions appear on them! As such, on my way to Evergrande, I swam into an Alomomola. Audino and I had hit it pretty hard, but before I even had a chance to begin to understand what had happened, Alomomola was trying to feed and heal us! She seemed like the perfect addition to my team, so I befriended her ad added her to my crew!


With my team trained and ready for battle, we challenged and traversed through Victory Road! We met many, many powerful trainers inside Young, old, middle-aged, newbies, and veterans. All types of trainers were there, trying to prove their strength and ability. We reached the final room of Victory Road, and to my surprise, Wally was waiting in the field of Naked Lady flowers, ready to show how strong he had gotten. I wanted to show him, too.

Wally was strong. His Altaria and my Togekiss were a great match for each other! Togekiss came around with Dazzling gleam and defeated his Altaria. Next up, his Roselia. How cute! Blissey was able to roast is fairly easily with Flamethrower, and his Delcatty was up next. Alomomola's Toxic and Waterfall attacks brought it down, and his Magneton was down for the count thanks to Latias and her Dragon Pulse. Finally, we were bot down to one Pokemon. I sent out my Audino, and he his Gallade. His Gallade Mega evolved! I Mega Evolved Audino as well, and the two of our Pokemon squared off, while my team healed up both of our Pokemon. Finally, my Audino proved to be too much for Gallade, and I had won our battle. Wally seemed a little upset, but in the end as happy and proud of himself for being so strong. I was proud, too.


Finally, the Pokemon League. I healed my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, bought some Potions and whatnot, and headed through the doors, not knowing what would be on the other side.


First up was Sydney, the Dark type Elite Four expert. Fortunately for me, my Pokemon consisted of powerful Pokemon that knew powerful Fairy type attacks. He wasn't too much of a challenge for Togekiss.

Next on the list was Phoebe, and hse definitely proved to be a tougher match. Her Ghost type expertise lead her to crippling my Alomomola with Cure and Will-O-Wisp. I switch Blissey in, and roasted the rest of her Pokemon with combinations of Flamethrower and Toxic, all while I healed up Alomomola and the rest of my Pokemon.

Glacia was third, and her attacks were as cold as her Ice type Pokemon! Alomomola came up to the plate again, and did significantly better. Her resistance to Ice type attacks forced Glacia to play on almost defensive tactics, while her Pokemon were being constantly weakened by Toxic. Fortunately, Alomomola knew Protect and Wish, which kept her alive and well throughout the entire battle. I had won.

Finally, Drake was my opponent. He specialized in Dragon types, and I specialized my Latias in its Dragon Type attacks. Latias swept his team with Dragon Pulse and a few Recovers, landing me my final Elite Four victory. All that remained was the Hoenn Pokemon League Champion.

Steven! Steven was the Champion. I knew he was strong, but I never would have guessed like this! He sent out a Skarmory, I, my Blissey. Blissey Hit it with a few good Flamethrowers, knocking it out. Next was his Aggron, who really proved to be trouble with its Stone Edge and Iron Tail combination. Audino was finally able to inflict great damage on him with a good few Calm Mind boosted Surfs. When he sent out his Claydol, I decided now was the time to Mega Evolve Audino, and use Surf to knocked out his clay toy Pokemon. His Armaldo and Cradily swiftly fell to Dazzling Gleam and Surf. Finally, Steven's Metagross. A Mega Metagross, at that. Its power was gross (ba dum tss). Its speed was incredible. Surf was barely able to do anything to it before it had knocked Audino out. Blissey switched in for one good Flamethrower before getting knocked out as well. Finally, it was Togekiss with a final Flamethrower that brought Metagross down, and brought me my winning of the title of Pokemon League Champion!


So now, diary, I lie here in my room, writing in you. It's been pretty damn crazy. Though my journey as a Pokemon Trainer has been fantastic, my journey and education or nursing has not. I believe now is the time I take it into my own hands to travel to these new Mirage Islands and study each and every Pokemon I can find, which means I will be the owner of a lot of new Pokemon! My team is going to be a big help through all of this, and hopefully all five of us can grow together, and hopefully grow bigger. No such thing as too many friends or doctors!

So, look out Hoenn! Here I come, again! I'll find out all of your secrets yet, and I WILL be the greatest Pokemon Nurse this region has ever seen!


Jesus H. Christ
tl;dr, final update for story line stuff. I won't post any Delta Episode stuff, because god no. Way too much in that. But now I plan to literally travel everywhere, to each Mirage area and back through routes I just breezed through, catching a ton of Pokemon! I plan to update this blog with more "Dear Diary" stuff with info and habits of a few of my favorites, especially the healy type ones. Also I'm not starting a new game.

If there are any Pokemon you'd want me to get or add to the team, lemme know!!

Final Story Mode Team:

Occupation: Nurse
Version: Alpha Sapphire
Badges: 8

Togekiss ♂ Lvl. 65
Ability: Serene Grace
Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Falmethrower, Wish, Air Slash

Audino ♀ Lvl. 63
Ability: Regenerator
Moves: Surf, Dazzling Gleam, Calm Mind, Wish

Blissey ♀ Lvl. 62
Ability: Natural Cure
Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Toxic, Flamethrower, Soft-Boiled

Latias ♀ Lvl. 62
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Heal Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Psyshock, Recover

Alomomola ♀ Lvl. 63
Ability: Regenerator
Moves: Waterfall, Wish, Toxic, Protect

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    Sydian's Avatar
    I am sad this is ending, but your team definitely is super adorable. :) You should do this again some time with a different role!

    You did this really quick btw like holy cow lol
    Posted April 13th, 2015 at 9:21 AM by Sydian Sydian is offline
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    Originally Posted by Alli View Comment
    I am sad this is ending, but your team definitely is super adorable. :) You should do this again some time with a different role!

    You did this really quick btw like holy cow lol
    I just blasted through it. I'm gonna spend the rest of my time collecting pokemon and doing little various roleplay esque type of things lol
    Posted April 13th, 2015 at 5:09 PM by Jellicent♀ Jellicent♀ is offline

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