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Things I've Learnt From Cracked Articles #1

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Things I've Learnt From Cracked Articles #1

Posted May 20th, 2013 at 4:46 PM by Squidchan

I've decided to write a blog series about all the things I have learnt reading articles on what would have to be my favourite website ever, I had this idea after reading one particular article and after favouriting it using their app, realised that just favouriting it won't do much to help me remember, or to help educate other people. So here is my first in an indefinite number of blog posts (probably daily, we'll see).

After reading an article about people going a long way to get revenge, I came across the entry for Benjamin Salomon. He was a dentist that was drafted into the Army in 1940, where he continued his dentist work. After working hard enough to reach the rank of Captain while only working on teeth, he was transferred to Saipan where he had to work as a surgeon. While working on the injured, his field hospital came under attack by Japanese forces. Four enemy troops stormed the tent and killed a soldier that Salomon had just finished saving. In anger, he shot two of the soldiers, disarmed another holding a knife and headbutted whoever was left. But he wasn't finished. He took up a machine gun and gave cover to his injured troops, helping them get away. When the Americans took back the area, they found Salomon dead, with nearly 100 Japanese laying dead in front of him. Salomon had over 70 gunshot wounds, and earned a posthumous Medal of Honour. What a fighter.

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