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Welcome to the Uthingo Region (v2)

Posted 4 Days Ago at 1:37 PM by Kung Fu Ferret

The Uthingo region is a region I've been reworking as of late.

Uthingo is a Zulu word for "Rainbow", which suits a region based on South Africa quite well.

Professor Marula will give new Uthingolian Trainers their choice of one from three adorable Pokemon!

Crocacia, the Thorn Croc Pokemon. Its teeth are are very sharp! And if one falls out, this Pokemon's body replaces it within a few days' time.

Pyrazell, the Flame Antelope Pokemon....
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Let's See... So This is My Blog. [Pokemon Showdown Strategy]

Updated 1 Week Ago at 9:51 AM by CILAN ATE THE KIDS (Added category)

I don't really know what blogs are for, but I just want to make one for the fun of it.
I was thinking about going over my battle strategy here, so that's what I'm going to do. I'll talk about my 4 Pokemon team in Pokemon Showdown which I use in National Dex and could use in Gen 7 OU. It is composed of a Cacturne, Stunfisk, Pikachu-Hoenn, and an Axew. Now this might sound like a really bad team, but it's fun to use especially when you win. Now to go through each Pokemon's strategy:
"This Tastes Like My Favorite Ingredient"
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Valentine's day

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 7:48 AM by LunarSkyy

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day. Even though possibly many of y'all might not have that special someone, lol or just me. Anyway how's everyone day going so far?
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Shine Diamond episode 90b delayed+coming up

Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 3:05 PM by EmeraldSky

The next part of episode 90 is delayed so I have time to plan how many parts I will need in detailing the show. I have a definite ending planned (so this all new episode won't go on forever), before we move on to the next leg of the story (Ash's seventh badge and a major battle with Paul)

I debated about what to do with Snowpoint Temple (as it would introduce Frontier Brain Brandon before I was ready to introduce him), but ultimately cut Snowpoint Temple out (since it didn't seem...
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Shine Diamond episode 90a--The Afterpost

Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 5:42 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Danielle enlists the group to allow the Fantasia's show to go on!

This episode (a multi-parter) is all new for the story, replacing the ping-pong tournament in the real show. The performance also foreshadows Storm Gray, and what the Pokemon Musical sidequest will look like in that story. It is definitely more than just dress up your Pokemon and watch the show--it is a full on performance with both people and Pokemon!

The show also benefits the group as well--Ash...
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