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What Shall I Ramble About Today? #3

Posted August 31st, 2009 at 5:33 PM by Lady Gaga
Updated August 31st, 2009 at 6:24 PM by Lady Gaga

Hey guys. Yes, new title. I feel rambling is a better, and nicer word to explain my blog. Ranting is not what I am doing. Also, I am making this blog better. I will divide everything I talk about into sections, with titles and stuff. Yay =D but its not like anybody cares o:
  • DCC Corruption
  • Marvel & Disney = WTF
  • Chris, It’s Like Crazy, It’s Like Wow.
  • Platinum Team…FINALLY!
  • T_T
  • Lady Gaga, The Gym Leader
1. DCC Corruption
Well, as you all know, I hang around the DCC a lot. You also know the DCC is usually filled with “kinky” stuff. Well, recently, we were talking about Ho-oh, and how it...took Ash’s mom's viginity..to make him. It was really weird (but always hilarious x3). So, I recently posted in another thread, and it was about Lugia and Ho-oh. Here is my post:
Originally Posted by Lady Gaga View Post
I have heard that there is one, and Ho-oh and Lugia star in it, clashing against each other.
Originally Posted by Lady Gaga View Post

Also, Ho-oh would win. I am not saying this because I like him more, but it’s proven. Lugia has really bad Defense, so a Sacred Fire would do way more damage than an Aeroblast or Hydro Pump. Its been proven, Ho-oh takes Lugia's HP down to the yellow with a Normal Effective move, while Lugia doesn’t with a move that is Super Effective against Ho-Oh.

See what i mean? Ho-oh is just so amazing cuz it...did...Dalilah (sp?), and she made Ash
Sorry, forgot this wasn’t the DCC x3
Hah, I had to edit that last part (it said the another word before) cuz I realized that talk is only present in the DCC. It’s probably the only place its allowed x3
DCC, you are corrupting me! Now my PC posts are kinky, I have gotten a family filled with you lurkers, and a am even starting to like Cherrims o:

2. Marvel & Disney = WTF!
That is all I can say. Marvel sells out, and for 4 billion dollars! Where does Disney even get this money!? Now all the Marvel shows will be ruined. Miley Cyrus now has 2 alter egos! Hannah Montana, and the Phoenix! It’s Lilo & Stitch & The Hulk! Robert Downey Junior is out, he is being replaced with Zac Efron for Iron Man D=
(if that ever happened…oh man. Disney, would LOSE 4 billion dollars. They deserve the loss)! I mean, seriously, what happened to The Lion King or Cinderella!? Now its going to be gay boy bands and Superhero ****!
But seriously, I don’t know how I would feel if I turned on the Family Channel and Spiderman is on. That belongs somewhere else. I mean, Disney isn’t really the superhero type company. Its more fall in love cheese. THEY CANT EVEN MAKE COMICS! O:


3. Chris, It’s Like Crazy, It’s Like Wow.
So, Chris Brown was on Larry King, and Larry King asks, do you remember it? He was, of course, talking about when Chris abused and beat Rihanna almost to her death in Febuary. This was his answer:

Ye, ya, I don’t, I don’t, its like, its crazy, I mean like, wow.

That was pathetic. How the hell do you not remember almost killing your girlfriend? Don’t tell me he was on drugs as well! Chris, you are stupid, need anger management classes, and this has ruined your life, and I am really happy it did. He is in his little blue suit with bowtie, like the baby mothers boy he is. Cut that crap Chris, seriously. It’s just like, wow.


Here is the video of Larry King and Chris:

4. Platinum Team…FINALLY!
Well, I have had this Platinum for months, and every time I try to play it, I restart. I think my childhood with Pokemon was coming back (I barely ever completed R/Y and G/S/C. I was too busy restarting them x3). So, I have a team now, and am at Roark. Here it is: Squirtle, Turtwig, Zubat, Machop, Cranidos. I hate it. So, ima restart my Platinum (I was the ugly boy named iDawg), start as the better-looking girl named Gaga, and together, me Golden Apple have discovered my new in-game team:
So simple, yet I love it. Also, we have calculated it all, and this team will be able to beat the Sinnoh League (E4 and Gyms). Finally, I will attempt to finish Platinum =D

CREDIT FOR TEAM GOES TO Golden Apple's SECKSEY POKEMON GUIDE <3333333333333333333333333

5. T_T
This is the second blog I have done today. The other was this exact same one. I was on PC, finishing it up, and then I click a wrong button, taking me to another page. All my work is gone. I hate when that happens, but unfortunately, it happens to me a lot. Does anybody else get these sad and maddening fail moments?

6. Lady Gaga, The Gym Leader.
Yup, there was another one of those threads, so of course I had to post in it ;3
Originally Posted by Lady Gaga View Post
Welcome to the Lady Gaga Gym!
Originally Posted by Lady Gaga View Post

What Type/Theme would you specialize in? Electric Type
What would your Gym look like? (Any Puzzles?): When You enter, it is totally black, except for the flashing multi-coloured lights that shine on the ground. So basically ti looks like there are shperes on the ground that are differnt colours. Kinda like in a bar or something x3 So, there is a pattern. You would have to step on the lights, and if you stepped on the right ones in a sequence, then you would be transported to a room. It would be plain, with just 2 long, big black walls beside you, and one straight path to Me, the gym leader (which of course is Lady Gaga). If you got the sequence wrong, then a lightning bolt will flash across the screen and you will black out, waking up in Pokecenter.You will have to start over again. I am the 8th gym leader.
What would your Team be?
Rotom lvl 43
Electivire lvl 49
Ampharos lvl 46
Jolteon lvl 46
What would your Gym Badge look like?
Either a lightning bolt of a disco stick.
Well, that’s it for today. I wonder what I will ramble about tomorrow!
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    Posted August 31st, 2009 at 5:48 PM by Ultraviolence Ultraviolence is offline
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    Originally Posted by Golden Apple View Comment
    did you actually read it all? o:

    hah, i did. Your guidebook is so smexy, oh man x3
    Posted August 31st, 2009 at 5:51 PM by Lady Gaga Lady Gaga is offline
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    I take it the other three slots on your team are filled with Cherrim. 8)
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    Chris, It’s Like Crazy, It’s Like Wow.
    who said my name
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    Originally Posted by Lady Gaga View Comment
    did you actually read it all? o:

    hah, i did. Your guidebook is so smexy, oh man x3
    Of course! olol.

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