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Oops, knocked out a tooth.

Posted September 15th, 2009 at 7:15 PM by Alistair

It's lunch break, and I'm sitting outside having a smoke while my classmates eat their lunches. I don't particularly enjoy lunch at all. I guess it's because of what the school serves us. "You know you should quit, smoking's not good for you at all." chirps Jessica as she plops herself on the stoop next to me. "Yeah, but... whatever." We stay on the cold stoop for few minutes, the silence so thick you could cut it with a knife. I take a few more puffs of the Camel Light. "And a teacher might catch you," says Jessica, breaking the silence. Sometimes, she can be the most pessimistic person I know. "Yeah, right. They have better things to deal with in the cafeteria. Bruce is in there," I say. Jessica chuckles a little bit. Bruce is a very obnoxious geek, and for some reason, talks to everyone he comes into contact with.
I take the last puff of my cigarette and put out what was left at the end of the filter. I smoke because of my "condition." Sometimes, I get these raging thoughts and emotions to the point where I feel like I'm going to explode. Smoking calms me down when this stuff happens.
"Let's head inside. It's getting chilly out here," I say. Jessica and I head up the remaining stairs and open the large, oak doors that lead to the side entry of the school. I can tell what's was on her mind, just by the way she looked at the door as it hits my face. She feels sorry for me. I guess it could be because my parents went on another mission trip, and left me home alone with only $2000 when I was just turning sixteen. Because they wouldn't be home, they had arranged a specific electricity usage thing with the electric company where only a certain amount of electricity could be used a month before it was turned off. They paid in advance, in order to keep the agreement. They, unfortunately, didn't pay the internet, phone, or cable bills in advance, so I had to steal WiFi from the Flannigans next door. They also had the Flannigans file their taxes, so the IRS didn't come knocking at the door to find a sixteen-year-old living by himself.
As the door says "hello" to my face, I slip on a small patch of ice and hit my head on the ground. A tooth lay in a small puddle of blood next to my mouth, and a fang grows in its place. I never told anyone about my "condition," not even my best friends.
"Are you alright?" Jessica screams as she runs over to help me. We paid no attention to who opened the door. That person fled the scene. "Here, let me look at..." she turns my head towards her and notices the fang. She screams and jumps back. "Hold on, it's okay." I try comforting her. It takes a few minutes of me repeating "It's okay," "It's fine," and "Don't be scared" until she finally calms down a little. When she's finally calm, I sit her back on the stoop and explain to her my story.
"I don't believe it," she retorts in the most generic way possible. "Fine, then. Come over tonight after work. I'll show you," I say. We both struggle our ways through the rest of the day. I'm worried if I'm going to lose one of my best friends, and she's worried that my story is true. Which it is, of course.
Little did I know she invited the twins to come along. I never see them in school, because they're taking post-secondary classes. I was planning on showing them eventually, though, but she really should have asked me first.
As I push through the front door, I was greeted with a demanding face from Jessica. Not very pleasant, not at all. She can be very pushy that way, sometimes. "Well?"
"Hold on, hold on. At least let me shower." I sprint throuhg the narrow hall for the bathroom and stripped myself of my clothes. I push the shower curtain to the side, and turn on the faucet. I don't care what the temperature is, just as long as I washed this layer of soot of myself. I work as a coal miner (albeit a bit illegally), so the soot is practically absorbed into my skin. My trusty loufa always gets it out, though. When I'm finished, I put on a towel, and walk back to the puny living room. I never care what I looked like in front of my friends, and they never care, either.
"Come on, let's see it," demands Jessica. "Yeah, come on. Show us already." retorted Rain. "Well if you insist. Just brace yourself." I push my body in a way no person ever could, or could ever imagine. My soul being pressured to it's limits, and when it feels like I'm about to lose all my energy, my skin flushes black. The other fang pushes itself in front my tooth opposite the fang that grew out earlier. The nail in the back of my neck appears.
No one says a word. The can't. They're speechless at the sight of my transformation. "Now do you believe me, Jessica?" I demand right back at her. "Well, how could I not. Unless 'm tripping, there's no other way you could have done that." Ryan and Rain still stand there, not saying anything. I wonder what they're thinking right now.
Rain approaches me and pinches my skin, like he doesn't believe that I just did that. He manages to barely get out a "woah" before Ryan does the same thing. "You must be some kind of imp, huh?" says Ryan in a half question, half statement response. I don't know why, but everyone is acting like a bunch of three year-olds.
"Not really an imp. A fallen angel. So, anyone want some Arizona?" I'm a nut for Arizona Green Tea, and the situation was just really awkward. As I stand and everyone else sits on the couch in complete silence and shame, my towel starts to fall off. "****." I say to myself as I grab the towel and run for my room. I reach the front of my old, This End Up dresser, and dig through the mess of clothes for some underwear and pajama pants. I find a pair of plaid boxers and my favorite pair of pajama bottoms and put them on. I look for a shirt in my closet, and eventually decide on the dirty Six Flags Worlds of Adventure t-shirt and put it on.
I guess Jessica and Ryan said something, while I was running into my room, but I paid no attention to them. "Did you even hear what we said?" Did I mention Jessica has a short temper? I guess not. "Well, we're leaving. See you tomorrow." "See you next Friday" say both of the twins at the same time. It's really creepy when they do that.
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