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Ghost With the Most

Posted April 29th, 2010 at 6:04 PM by Kavii

That would be my Gengar girl whom I caught when she was just a little Gastly in Sprout Tower.

What a first meeting; I could never forget it!

To set the scene, my Pokemon Crew and I were making our way through Sprout Tower in preparation to challenge Falkner (with his Pidgey and Pidgeotto) who is Violet City's Gym Leader.

Between the pitch darkness of the Tower and the creaking and moaning of the tall pillar and the indescribable sensation of being stared at and followed by something you couldn't see, pretty much everyone in my Pokemon Crew was on pins and needles as we journeyed through the Tower.

We had just gotten past the first Trainer in the Tower when she appeared - suddenly popping out of the nearest wall without any sort of warning whatsoever and making a sound that I can only describe as a cross between a laugh and a shrill-ish giggle.

After she scared the living bejeebers out of myself and my Pokemon Crew (Chikorita, Sentret, Hoothoot, and Onix) with her little stunt by appearing out of thin air, she immediately tried giving my Hoothoot who was first in line a good solid Licking which started our battle.

Hoothoot was nowhere near pleased about this (he and my Sentret were the most sensitive to Ghosts appearance-wise), but he immediately retaliated... by Tackling!

... Which resulted in a miss, just like the Licking.


Have you ever heard a Ghost laugh before because you did something wrong? Especially a Gastly?

Well, I never had and the sound of the Gastly laughing at us - this time, Gastly was definitely laughing at us! - made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up - talk about spooky!

Well, Hoothoot wouldn't stand to be laughed at and he immediately used his Foresight to see what could be done about the laughing Ghost.

Turns out, his Foresight allowed him to better pinpoint the Gastly's location and so the next time he tried Tackling, it worked and this time, it was my Hoothoot who was laughing and hooting at the shocked expression on the Gastly's face.

"A Normal-type attack actually worked on me?! Impossible!" The Gastly's indignance was crystal clear.

"Ohhh yes, ghostly one, Normal-type attacks can and do work on you so be prepared!" I shot back and it was all out war after that except... well.

Remember what I said about being attracted to the fighting spirit in Pokemon?

The Gastly sure had fighting spirit and so I hadn't the heart to faint her even though she sure as heck gave everyone a right and proper scare.

Instead, after my Hoothoot managed to put her to sleep with his Hypnosis, I threw a Poke Ball at her and because she was blissfully snoozing away, I caught her with little trouble.

"HA!" I thought, "That'll show you to scare me and the gang again! If you're going to do any more scaring, it will be on my side and not against me!"

But ohhh, she wasn't happy with me at first - not at all!

... Then again, I guess I have to be honest and say that I wasn't too happy with her, either - mostly for scaring us all out of our wits!

The indignance of being put to Sleep and then caught was apparently even more than the indignance of being beaten by a Hoothoot's Normal-type move and so our beginning time together was spent in a completely disjointed harmony.

She worked with me, but reluctantly, and I trained her, but admittedly without much heart.

Even worse, she was very anti-social around my other Pokemon to the point of ignoring everyone entirely.

Still worse than that, everyone else on my team had gotten a poor impression of her since she had scared them all so badly and so they weren't welcoming of her, either, and that in itself simply made her even less socialable and approachable than she already was.

Jolly Ghost? I think not!

Pretty much, it was all just a disaster waiting to happen and at one point, I was wondering if I had just made a grand mistake in catching her.

It was clear that we had all gotten off on a (really) bad start and it seemed clear to me that she wanted nothing to do with me or the other Pokemon in my group.

I was seriously considering releasing her back to the Tower... and then one night changed everything.

I was in the room I had rented for the night and I was giving my team a last minute pep talk for the battle against Falkner when I saw her watching us silently from her spot at the window.

For a Ghost who is supposed to be Jolly, she sure was anything but Jolly at the time and for once, her expression wasn't of disdain or indignance.

With all my Pokemon - including my Onix - surrounding me on the floor, we looked like an awfully cozy group in the confines of the little room and her expression told me without a doubt that contrary to what I had concluded about her, she actually DID want to belong and had simply been shy and hesitant.

I had known that we had gotten off to a bad start, but apparently so had she and instead of trying to get along with everyone, she had simply written it off as a lost cause and had copped an attitude problem to compensate.

"I knew I would never belong," I could hear her say.

"And that's where you are wrong," I returned.

"Come," I invited warmly, patting my shoulder in an invitation for her to join us and 'sit' on my shoulder.

Her expression changed to one of disbelief.

"But they don't like me because I scare them," she protested mournfully.

Much to my surprise, my Hoothoot who had been the one to encounter her first during our battle and had gotten Licked besides took the initiative and flew over to her before I could give an answer.

"I'm not scared of you anymore," he hooted, "and neither are they! WE thought YOU didn't like US and were scared of us!"

"Come! Join us?" Sentret called out and bounced on her tail in greeting.

Chikorita and Onix both gave their approval and agreement and my sensitive Chikorita especially was very happy to finally see things going in a positive direction.

"Come," I repeated again and this time, she floated over to where I was sitting on the floor and settled herself on my shoulder and for the first time since I had caught her, she smiled and laughed and her laughter was bright and beautiful and clear as a bell.

We became friends that night and since then, I have learned what it means to have a Jolly Ghost like her by my side and she has become the Ghost With the Most.

She has the most laughs, the most smiles, and with her outgoing and seemingly perpetually cheerful personality, she, like my Furret, always has something positive to say about her teammates or about the weather or really about anything no matter how bad it looks.

One of my truest team players, her flexibility with her abilities makes her an indispensable fulcrum on my team - able to switch in and out of primary attacking and secondary supporting roles in a split second.

Blessed with extreme speed, she's also my thrill-seeking daredevil who never hesitates to run headlong into new situations and coupled with her personality, she frequently inspires similar courage (or maybe it's impetuity!) in her more Timid and Careful teammates. Aware of her speed advantage, she has never hesitated to put herself in the position of front runner during more risky situations - ready to either strike first and play a game of Shadow Ball or Hypnosis or split and SCRAM.

She's my fearless Entei and Raikou chaser (seriously, I always run into them when she's leading the group!) and also one of my first Pokemon to be brave enough to take the initiative to leave me to go train to make herself stronger.

She left as a Haunter and found her way back to me as a Gengar and -

Go, baby, go...

Smarter, swifter, stronger, sleeker...

Yeah. I'm definitely proud of her and yeah, there's a reason she's my Ghost With the Most.

Just like my Furret gets to claim my lap as her 'spot', my Gengar girl gets to claim my shoulders (and even the top of my head) - turning when I turn and turning when I should turn but don't because she's THERE for me and for those she calls her family.

That's my Gengar girl who's the fulcrum of my team and the Ghost With the Most and here's to her!

Thanks for scaring the living bejeebers out of everyone, beautiful. :) We never would have met otherwise and I can't imagine having a team without you in it just like the way you are. You belonged then just like you belong now - never forget that, you hear?

~ Kavii
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