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Obligatory Christmas Post

Posted December 25th, 2010 at 2:34 AM by digi-kun

I actually didn't realize it was Christmas Eve until...dinnerish due to "just got out of school" syndrome. Got a PFP....PSP, which opens up plenty of possibilities game-wise (for me), starting with Metal Gear Solid and Ys: Oath in Felghana, since I haven't actually beaten the PC version as I have with the Ark of Naphistim. My list for wanted PSP games is a relatively big, so I'll leave at that for now XD

Steam. I've been amazingly generous with gifts. Even I'm surprised how many gifts I've given out these past few days o.o I might even consider purchasing the 24-TF2 gift package at some point at this rate ^^;;
Speaking of which, thanks to the people that gifted me stuff over steam too~

Christmas Eve ended with a skype chat with the Otaku Sentai Aniranger! AKA Me, twocows, and Raynbow [J was sorta there] (Mikan was there too). We talked about various things including anime, games, gifts, digi and twocows never gonna get laid, space kittens, lack of steam wishlists, Monopoly OWNAGE (I love Family Game nights in that way), PSP games to get, CCS, something about Ray "eating" his little sister's lolis and proceeding to trigger a flag with her afterwards, me and twocows ranting about how pop artists use Pachebel's Canon, Ray not knowing what Pachebel's Canon is, 4chan surveys, maturity, and more.

Oh, and remember kids, one cow is not enough, but three cows is too many.
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    kids? Where?

    But yeah, cool beans. :3
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