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Shine Diamond episode 85a--The Afterpost

Posted November 9th, 2019 at 10:07 AM by EmeraldSky
Updated 3 Weeks Ago at 7:54 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Dawn crosses paths with a vengeful rival from the Wallace Cup, and Brock has to rally from a bad start in the Fantasy Stage!

There were a lot of big changes in this episode--first, remixed coordinators do not battle, so when we pick up next time (on Dec. 7), Dawn and Ursula will be facing off in the Appeal competition (and I can actually build an appeals competition out of the original battle!) This was also a good place to put in a Fantasy Stage scene for Brock (You'll find out what Dawn's ID, Ursula's coord, and her ID are next time)

Team Rocket is replaced by the Galactic admins, as per the region swap. Even though Mars is competing, we don't see what the bad guys are doing, as per the competition rule.

Since Dawn doesn't have Mamoswine anymore, I replaced him with Satomi--who is a lot nicer and not rebellious.

This episode was just begging for some "Little Mermaid" references considering the COTD's name, so the twin Gabites Ursula has are named after her namesake's eels in "The Little Mermaid". Tarina also makes a comment about Dawn's voice being stolen, and draws Dawn as a mermaid to pass the time while Brock is performing.

Next time, Dawn and Ursula face off in the Appeal competition!
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