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Posted December 7th, 2011 at 2:10 AM by vaporeon7
Updated December 7th, 2011 at 3:11 AM by vaporeon7

And now for a TPC News Breaking News Update!
Earlier today Deoxys-S was made Uber by Smogon. This means that OU teams will no longer have to deal with the fastest Pokémon in existence. This ban from OU is effective immediately. It will formally be published on the Smogon website tomorrow.

See open chat window. Credit.

We now cross live to Forever who is in the Competitive Battling Centre forum. Forever, what is the general feeling about this banning?

[9:16pm] Forever: I think that things like starmie will rise in usage to replace the offensive variant, zong/latias will raise in usage to take over its role for the dual screens, while for hazards in general, forry/ferro will probably rise. This can be a good thing though for things like scizor because it can OHKO almost everything listed there after a few boosts with either u-turn, bug bite or

[9:16pm] Forever: superpower, as long as the opponent isn't carrying HP fire. I also think volc may rise in usage during this period where everybody is unsure as to what to do, considering deoxys-s is #1 lead until they figure out they need something else to set up hazards quickly, etc, prankster users won't be as necessary (even though they weren't in the first place) and nite will definitely stay

[9:16pm] Forever: common in OU especially with the hazard setter being out. imo that's how I think it'll go.
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