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MonsterMMORPG special weekend event and 17 updated monster images

Posted May 12th, 2012 at 6:18 AM by MonsterMMORPG
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Once again MonsterMMORPG is making an awesome weekend event with super news.
The bonus event is online. You will gain 100% more EXP points from wild monster battles a long with the 100% Gold bonus.
But these are not the all of the news.
We have updated 17 of our current monster images by our volunteer and talented artists redrawings.
Also MonsterMMORPG new maps about to be completed. 19 Zones are completed and only underground maps are remaning.
MonsterMMORPG home page :
Monster MMORPG register page :
The all of the incoming maps of MonsterMMORPG :
The incoming very high quality monsters of MonsterMMORPG :
All of the current monsters of Monster MMORPG :
MonsterDex (like Pokedex) of MonsterMMORPG :
And here the updated 17 new monster images
Redrawn By Henrie

Redrawn By GarbageKeeper

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