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I'm hooooome

Posted April 20th, 2012 at 11:57 AM by Kirozane

So I was in the hospital yesterday. Had surgery, and was deemed well enough to come home today.

It all started about 6 PM Wednesday night. I was at my sister's to babysit the next day while my again pregnant sister went for an appointment. Anywho, I felt a pain in my back and thought it was my kidneys acting up... so I started consuming more water, as that made the pain stop normally. It didn't stop. Conversely, it started to get worse. By 8 Pm I tried to eat food and that didn't end too well... I threw it up an hour later.

From then on I couldn't hold anything down, whether it was food or liquid. The pain was horrendous but I tried to sleep anyways. I didn't think it was serious up until 1 AM where I threw up successfully a third time, though my attempts I had lost count on. But I was still determined to not be a bother. I was gonna try to hold strong till morning and only call my mom if the pain still existed then. But 2 AM rolls around and I knew that was no longer an option. I called her, and she had me wake up one sister to get me to the hospital. I woke up one, and she told me to wake up the other... which I did, doing my best to hide the whines my pained body wanted to produce.

Though that sister didn't take me to the hospital. She took me home first. She knew my mom would wanan come along... So by 3 AM I was in the ER. They admitted me, though my sister was convinced they prolly wouldn't find anything. Over the next few hours I was having tests done, blood draws, urine sample... At about 5 I had to drink that gross pre-cat-scan liquid which I seriously was only able to hold down as long as I needed to. Seriously. The scan finishes and the first thing I did was puke the liquid back up.

Anywho, it was discovered then that I had Gall stones, and I suppose an infection of some sort because my White Blood Cell count was pretty high. I was taken for an ultrasound to see how bad things were... and by then I was kinda high on Morphene, which, according to my mom, was hilarious. At about 10 AM I was moved to a room, which I only stayed in for an hour before I was taken for surgery to remove my gall bladder... which I remember everything leading up to. Preop, making fun of my own near blindness, remarking on how cute the guy who brought me down was.... All the way up to them hooking up the IV with the Anesthetic that put me under.

I woke up pretty late into recovery considering it was noon when surgery started (1-1.5 hour procedure.) and about 3:30 when I finally came to. I could hardly move, and considering the only thing I had since I last puked was IV fluids my voice sounded like gravel when I forced it to exist. I was taken to my room again, where the first thing I did was pee. XD It wasn't long before I was allowed food, and considering the Gall bladder's relatively minor role, I wasn't really restricted from anything... so I had ice cream. XD It tasted amazing. I had already gotten a few remarks about how quickly my body was recovering.

I got 4 visitors aside from my dad (mom was with me the whole time) that day... Which was nice. It kinda made time in there easier, despite how tired I was due to lack of sleep outside of the surgery. When they left (which was after I had my dinner of pasta... nummy) I figured it was bed time (8:30 PM)

I then got wake up calls at about 10 PM, midnight, 3 AM, and 6 AM for vital checks and to empty the little ball at the end of my drain tube. By the 6 AM one I felt awake so I just kinda stayed up... and by then all I had attached to me was the IV aside from the leg massage-y thingies that helped me keep leg clots away.

Breakfast was Strawberry topped pancakes with bacon and sausage, and surprisingly I finished it all despite my largely reduced appetite. My stomach handled it well.. and this was only an hour after they removed the IV fluids, seeing as I was holding Liquid down easily. I think the most nausea I felt since the surgery was them pulling the drain tube out 10 minutes before I finally left. But that was mostly because of how it felt coming out (I felt it against my other organs and... -shudder-) And by noon I was being wheeled out. The girl was pretty cool... and our conversation was mostly about how evil genius>good genius obviously. It was nice.

So now I have to go take more pain meds and antinausea for safe measures... But yeah... that was my excursin and stuff....

TL;DR: I was in the hospital yesterday due to gall stones, had surgery to get it removed and recovered well enough to be sent home today.

:D But yeah. I'm home nao
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    glad you're home and all better! someone was a trooper, huh??
    Posted April 20th, 2012 at 12:05 PM by Cordelia Cordelia is offline
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    twistedpuppy's Avatar
    Yay! She's alive! Welcome back home. I'm glad you made it out okay.
    Posted April 20th, 2012 at 12:05 PM by twistedpuppy twistedpuppy is offline
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    Kirozane's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Mac of York View Comment
    glad you're home and all better! someone was a trooper, huh??
    Thanks! And I was. I did my best to keep relaxed since I knew no good would come of stressing.

    Originally Posted by twistedpuppy View Comment
    Yay! She's alive! Welcome back home. I'm glad you made it out okay.
    I am indeed! And thank ya. I'm glad I did too, especially this quick.
    Posted April 20th, 2012 at 12:10 PM by Kirozane Kirozane is offline