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Pokecommunity History, Vol. 2: I think this is..

Posted March 20th, 2011 at 1:15 PM by Uecil

The longest thing I have ever typed up for a post before.
Originally Posted by Galukxy View Post
My Story goes like this:

I started way back in late 2009, where I was a total noob who wouldn't listen to anybody. I found this place and joined it after one of my friends told me about how cool this forum was and that I should join it. So, after some convincing I did that. I joined in with the username sspokemon because at that time my grammar and my use of trying to think of a decent username was just fail. and it still is anyway after being here for the first several weeks I made some really nice friends, just by talking to the friend who told me to join here in the first place. (benthekid was his username if you're wondering ;) ) However, during those weeks we use to have arguments about really silly things that weren't even a point of arguing in then, but after getting good advice from a Super moderator here, I took it and moved on. Christmas started coming closer and closer, I soon started to remember about the noobish things I did such as swear and argue with people so I apologized to all of those people and then started a clean new leaf.

During the time around 21st December I soon started to acknowledge that this forum was huge and it contained a lot of members and I mean A LOT. So, I started to post because my friend use to boast about How many posts he had and I was very competitive at that time; I first started to post in three or four different sections of the forum: OT, OV, OC, Pokemon general and the Art corner because those sections were pretty interesting to post in. After, I had reached about 100 and above posts I soon started to take more action in the OT section, now that is where I met more of my good friends and we're friends still now. (ahh.. memories are bliss) So, after 2009 ended I got my first emblem :D
The 2009 emblem celebration looking one and I was so happy, but then I thought "these are pretty cool" and I wanted to get more somehow.
Around January, I turned 16 years old and my activity started to gain on this forum. I met even more friends a long the way of posting here also, I started to gain what you call a "crush" on some of my friends, but I admitted all of those later in the year. Then on around April, I started to post more and more and also I started up a PC family and it is pretty huge now and around that time my Nan died so it took a while for people to settle in around me when I was depressed at times because of it all. I also started getting more and more into anime other than watching just Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon, I hunted down several animes and started watching them and now I am pretty much obsessed with them.

I also won PC's PPC around that time too and I started to gain more and more emblems :P

Then soon after around June, July I went from about a total of 3 pairings, but now I am in a very stable one. I hope. Considering the arguments started to happen again around then, I mainly blame hormones for that though. If I remember correctly, some of my friends started to leave the forum then because they either have had enough of it or they're busy with their lives. In September 2010, I also became Year 12. Yup, I am a 6th form student! and I decided I should come on more or maybe less because ya' know this year is defiantly important. Sure, it was! I loved 2010 here at PC it was the year I will treasure the most. I met the most coolest people ever. In October, PC's Halloween thing was on and I remember I entered a graphics contest and/or before that I also won second place in one of the art events for the Tiger I drew and still, I got people making jokes out of how bad my grammar can be. [ROFLMAO]

After having the great Halloween then, um.. one of my best friends left this place (WonderGirl), she's also like a little sister as well. So, once the New year events and the member of the year event came on too. I made sure I voted for her for most missed because she's one of the members I think, made this forum very lively. Also, around November it was my first anniversary of being a member here and that's when I donated and became a supporter and got another emblem (Yay for emblems!!) and one of my friends made me a thread (Thank you for that, Erik. I appreciate it). Soon later it became the end of 2010 and right at the beginning of it, my birthday was on January (17 years old.. ugh.) then I took several breaks from here because of the amount of stress I was having with my parents and friends at the time and now, here I am. A pretty much Happy PC member. still haven't got over 2,000 posts :/ (and also I started up a graphics thread, I think around April of last year too. Mainly because I was bored Idk).

Edit: and I got my username changed from sspokemon to Galukxy around February of last year too.
and I hope you enjoyed reading that :3
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    Wow amazing now look at you you truly inspire me!
    Posted March 20th, 2011 at 2:47 PM by Lambda Lambda is offline
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    Originally Posted by Lambda View Comment
    Wow amazing now look at you you truly inspire me!
    Oh, really?
    Ha, thank you :P
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