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This Entry Contains JUSTICE (IX)

Posted December 9th, 2009 at 4:02 AM by Alter Ego
Updated December 9th, 2009 at 11:01 AM by Alter Ego

At long last, the thrilling conclusion, both to Luke Hobo's reasoning and the trial itself.

Alter Ego says:


there is no EVIDENCE

no EVIDENCE that I have ever poisoned anyone

no matter how great the coincidence

without concrete proof to back it up

it is not sufficient for a verdict
Hobo Luke says:

He's right... I...
Clueless Judge Guy says:

*shakes head sternly*

I admit this is highly suspicious
Big Boobed Dead Mentor Ghost says:
Luke... look at the evidence further
Clueless Judge Guy says:

wh-what was that?!
Big Boobed Dead Mentor Ghost says:
You're missing something
Big Boobed Dead Mentor Ghost says:
Clueless Judge Guy says:
Well, Mr. Hobo?
Hobo Luke says:
Clueless Judge Guy says:
Do you have any evidence to present?


Hobo Luke says:
Wait, what's that around your neck Mr. Ego

Alter Ego says:
Hobo Luke says:
Can you please hold up that necklace
Alter Ego says:
Hobo Luke says:
What pendant is on the end of it
Alter Ego says:
*holds up shiny blingbling*

That... is simply a memento, nothing more
Hobo Luke says:
Is that a... liquid in the middle of it

*pulls out of evidence a vial of the poison - IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THAT IN THE NECKLACE*
Alter Ego says:
*grit teeth and sweating*

Hobo Luke says:
I would like to have the substance in that necklace tested to see if it's the poison at the center of this murder
Alter Ego says:
*major recoil*


*shakes head and smirks*

you misunderstand, Mr. Hobo

recall, if you will, that I called this a 'memento'

specifically, it is a memento of the GLITTER STAIN TRIAL

a reminder
Another Face says:
You... can test the liquid in mine
Alter Ego says:



what are you saying?
Another Face says:
Alter bought us matching necklaces several years ago

He told me... if I was ever in absolute trouble... to drink the contents of my necklace

I always wondered what he meant...

But I think it's the same poison

Used in the murder of the victim
Alter Ego says:
*triple flinch and dramatic flash effects*
Another Face says:
Brother, end this please
Alter Ego says:
Another Face says:
Not only did you murder our mother

But you caused the death of our father

Who in sorrow hung himself
Alter Ego says:
*silence* this is how it's going to be, is it?

All this time, I have looked after you in our parents' absence

and this is how you repay me

and Mr.Hobo

I mentored you

I MADE you what you are
Hobo Luke says:
As you've said before
Alter Ego says:
and now, in thanks, you would RUIN me with baseless accusations?
Hobo Luke says:
Justice prevails over all
Hobo Luke says:
No matter who must be punished
Alter Ego says:
*ultimate flinch of DOOM*

*dramatic flash of light*

*tumbles down*
Hobo Luke says:
Judge, I would like to request of the court
Clueless Judge Guy says:
Hobo Luke says:
That my defendant be found guilty

not guilty*
Clueless Judge Guy says:
prosecutor Ego

Prosecutor Ego, are you alright?


Get a medic here immediately!

Prosecutor Ego has blacked out!

((cue death by poisoning))
Hobo Luke says:
He... he killed himself

I can't believe it

We didn't even notice him drink the contents of his necklace
Clueless Judge Guy says:
((court room, one week later))

Well, this has certainly been an eventful trial

not only did our victim die of poisoning

so did the PROSECUTION

I thank you for your quick volunteer work, Mr.Standards
W.H. Standards says:
Please, think nothing of it your honor
Clueless Judge Guy says:
Now, as for the case

the defense argued that prosecutor Ego may indeed have been the true culprit

though given his death by poisoning and the lack of concrete evidence, we can not tell for sure


the defense also proved another point

that the victim was indeed killed BY HIS PIPE

As there is no evidence to suggest that the defendant had tampered with this object, nor that she would have had motive to do so, I hereby declare the defendant, by unaninmous decision



This MSN-based drama was brought to you by myself, Luke, boredom, and free time. Any resemblance to forumites or Ace Attorney is purely coincidental.
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