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Finally! ;D

Posted February 19th, 2010 at 6:05 AM by Angela

Finally, weekend vacation! I'm really tired.. Even tho I only showed up for 3 days out of 5 since I was sick for 2 days and like 14 hour sleep those days.. xD

Anyway, I've been dowloading and burning movies to cd's like crazy. And I'm watching scary movie as we speak. :D

"Cindy!!! Cindy!!! Your ass looks fat!!!!" xD

Also downloaded Up the other day, along with other movies.. And series, namely LA Ink, omg I just love LA ink!!!

"Take of your bra if you want" ("Somebody do something!!" "She's amazing!") ("Is this were I'm suppose to bleed" "Look I'm bleeding" "There you go mister scary killer, I'm panicking now" "Oh now what, so this is the big klimax, I hope you don't mind if I fake it bleeeeeueeee!!!")
("What are you waiting for huh! What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for" "What am I waiting for? Fuc* you" //Jumps)

So I just adore LA Ink, and I have to say it's way better then Miami Ink, Miami Ink went down after they fired Kat!

So yeah, would usually include a youtube video, don't seam to have any open at this moment, might edit later.. xD

"Has it crossed your mind that your boyfriend has been killed and your gonna be slaughtered next?"

"Me would never step on Gail's shoes" "Why not!?" "Cause Gail's shoes are Prada shoes"
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