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Moonlight Silver episode 116b--The Afterpost

Posted January 17th, 2018 at 11:28 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash has a narrow win in the first round of the group matches against Macy!

Ash's team was dramatically modified to account for the remix, as well as limiting him to just his active remix team and two plot important extras (Brenna being one of them).

While all of Aina's moves are valid for a Machop (as per Bulbapedia), I did make River capable of using Disarming Voice for story purposes, even though Marill can't learn Disarming Voice in the games in any way. This way, River would have a Fairy type move (since the Marill family is part Fairy under the most current type chart) and Marill is capable of learning other sound based moves (so it would logically make sense she would know Disarming Voice.)

I couldn't resist starting the episode with some motivational music for Ash to sing along to to pump himself up for the match (and revealing that it is on a megamix of inspiring and motivational music Delia and Taran made for him for his Kanto League run.

Sharp eyed readers will notice I included some actual announcer lines from Pokemon Stadium 2 in the match itself, as in universe commentary.

Next time, Brock takes his turn in the Grand Lore Stage preliminaries, and Ash continues his run in the League preliminaries!
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