Moonlight Silver episode 100--The Afterpost

Posted 28 Minutes Ago at 10:24 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, the story finally reaches its 100th episode!

And it was only fitting that the 100th episode be something plot important--Ash winning his seventh Badge!

The only major change for this episode was cutting Team Rocket out, as per the competition rule for the project (the evil team will not interrupt a Gym battle, Contest, Pokethlon, Lore Stage, or other plot important competition unless the original scene was just too funny to not cut out, or it is important to...
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Monster Party: Let's Go Again (One Off #6 - Ch. 1)

Posted 14 Hours Ago at 8:34 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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Wait, what? I thought I crashed this party last year!

Well friends, as it turns out, this is a rom hack called Monster Party: Let's Go Again.

It was released by a dedicated group of friends called The Monster Party Overhaul Project as late as 2014 and updated again in 2015.

The deal about the project is that they were inspired by people working to recreate the...
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