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Thanksgiving Break + NaNo's Over + Random Writing Stats

Posted December 1st, 2008 at 11:49 AM by Sammi

So, Thanksgiving. It was pretty good. I think the best part of it, other than shopping, was watching (new) Doctor Who. I'm borrowing the first two seasons from my Who-obsessed cousin. It's the first time I've really watched a series in awhile. Admittedly, I'm not the largest TV fan in the world, and with the only TVs with cable being downstairs and shared by 30+ girls, it can be hard to watch something. But Doctor Who's pretty good. Can't wait to actually watch the second season. I'll probably pop the DVDs in when I get super bored.

Speaking of my cousin, I enjoyed talking with him about writing. It's not something I really do. Okay, so I babble a lot about it online, but I don't really have discussions about it. It's much more one-sided. My cousin's a writer, too, so it was nice to talk one-on-one with someone else who's just as passionate about their work as I am with mine. It can be awkward at times, but I still enjoy it. It's really nice to just get stuff off my chest.

If only I could say the names of my character out loud. Well, of the ones with unusual names. It's a bit easier to say LANCE Natalie and Sana and such.

And, NaNoWriMo officially ended yesterday. That means no more blog posts about it for awhile! :D

So, final stats! I'll start with the NaNo Progress Report on the site. That has some interesting figures. But what the site doesn't have...

Final Word Count @ Midnight: 79777 words.
Final Word Count: 80585. I couldn't type up everything I'd written over Thanksgiving break before midnight.
Total Parts Written: 7.
Total Chapters Written: 45.
Average Chapters Per Part: For the real parts, 9.
Minimum Parts Needed Before The Story Is Over: 9.

Yes. I have a lot of work ahead of me still. It was the same with last year's NaNo: it was the first story in a series, which I have 41 points on the outline to write still. AT LEAST.

I can't say it enough: I have so much work to do. T_T

Now that I'm doing my word count for the month, I'm just going to throw out numbers now, to freak you guys out. :D

[ch] total: 93,900 words, 167 pages.
[sa] total: 126,792 words, 220 pages.
[p-r] total: 177,261 words , 313 pages.
Total: 397,953 words, 700 pages*.

All stories are written in Tahoma, 10pt font, .5" margins, single spaced with one line between paragraphs, no indents. It's an old habit from my fanfic days.

* Admittedly, I did fix a few spacing issues and lost three pages. But I'm too lazy to actually fix it. I'M NOT OPENING UP ALL THE FILES AGAIN. D:
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    Mario The World Champion's Avatar
    Even though I hit the 50k word mark, my novel's nowhere near finished. I got stuff up the ying-yang I could add in that!! This may be a novel 3 times over if I do continue it!!! XD

    I think I will continue it for the hell of it. I got this far in one month, plus I still got a lot of ideas for it.
    Posted December 2nd, 2008 at 12:34 AM by Mario The World Champion Mario The World Champion is offline

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