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Best Of Addicting Games MonsterMMORPG For Pokemon Online Games Fans New Maps

Posted February 18th, 2012 at 10:59 AM by MonsterMMORPG
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Alright people. First of all F2P Browser Game MonsterMMORPG special weekend event is on. So you can farm :D

Now we recently started releasing our new map images. I am pretty sure you will love them Hopefully there will be total 520 maps. We also continue drawing our new monsters. They are also doing very good

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Click on images to see full sizes or you can see whole as a full size from here :

001-TOWN 000: 002-route1 (NEWGRASS): 003-route2(NEWGRASS): 004-route3(NEWGRASS): 005-route4(NEWGRASS): 006-route5: 007-TOWN2ZONE1: 008-route6: 009-route7: 010-route8: 011-tOWN3: 012-route9: 013-route10: 014-route11: 015-route12: 016-route13: 017-route14: 018-route15: 019-route16: 020-city-NORMAL-MM: 021-route17: 022-route18: 023-route19: 024-route20: 025-TOWN: 026-route21: 027-route22: 028-route23: 028-route24: 029-route25: 030-route26: 031-TOWN: 032-route27: 033-route28: 034-route29: 035-route30: 036-TOWN: 037-route31: 038-route32: 039-route33: 040-route34: 041-CITY: 042-route35: 043-route36: FIRSTGYM:
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