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For Those Who Care [NeoEras Related]

Posted December 16th, 2008 at 2:02 PM by Vampire://Krimm

Life takes its unexpected course and turns, all uncontrollable by oneself, and at probable times, things may seem bleak.

So, as a few of of you have noticed, the NeoEras Topic has been locked. It has been locked for numerous reasons, not just simply one.

School's Mid Terms have officially started this week, and basically, I'm dying of stress here. I've gotten sick twice the past week, my face is breaking out from stress, and it's become near impossible to wake me up from sleeping. So there's stress, not only that, however because of stress it has also made me a more irritable person. All of this relating to NeoEras because it is NeoEras' fault for adding onto my stress making me more stiff and annoyed. And what could have possibly just made things x10 worse than what they were? My friend did a system restore on my PC and funnily, Photoshop was deleted after I just got it back a week ago after being deprived of it for months.

So. Who cares, right? Yeah, I don't blame you guys. Pokemon NeoEras is on an indefinite hold until I can find myself again, and perhaps my lost inspiration. I've been working so hard on it lately that I notice myself not paying attention in class thinking about NeoEras which is resulting in my grades dropping. Definitely not good.

Basically, this is a forewarning that NeoEras won't be returning any time soon, however if it does that must mean I've had some great epiphany and I just met a random idol of mine. Not likely, eh?

However if it is to continue, many things will be different, such as I will most likely discontinue updating on PokeCommunity, ultimately moving to the original forum, much as I had originally done with my first project. Who knows? I'm sort of undecided.

As for now, I'm going on a break. So, like the title implies, for those who care, this is your explanation.

Oh, and remember PC...
Stay tropical~
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  1. Old Comment
    O.G. Duke's Avatar
    I'm so sorry to hear this from you.
    I doubt Pokemon NeoEras was a great game and it inspirited a lots of game developer.
    That's what I trusted.
    Yeah, I know school is stressful ( Same here. ).
    But I know, everyone hopes NeoEras can be continued.
    Reading some past update in your thread.
    You wrote these:
    Well... I was looking at the thread, and notice something...The thread had only been created 8 months ago! It feels like the game has been worked on for years, but that isn't even one year! I stopped and really thought "Whoa. Look how far this has come." Then I stopped, and realized that NeoEras wouldn't be ANYTHING of what it is without you guys, the supporters, the spriters, my inspirations, and my rivals who have all kept me going through this project. NeoEras is far from being a great game, it's only a game that I hope to further improve on.

    Yeah, it's true.
    NeoEras has came so far.
    You always gave your fans surprise.
    Although I'm not that active in your thread but I always check it, just without leaving comments.
    But, at least, I have to say, Good luck!
    I would hope NeoEras strikes back and present us more and more surprise.
    Posted December 18th, 2008 at 4:03 AM by O.G. Duke O.G. Duke is offline