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Anime Convention (Ichibancon) Day 1

Posted January 8th, 2010 at 10:59 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™
Updated March 6th, 2010 at 1:58 AM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

My first anime convention and it was AWESOME! So many awesome cosplays, so much to do... and this was only day one!

Team Rocket showed up today, as did (a much larger, bearded) Ash and Misty, though I never saw them do battle. Also there: Voice actors Wendy Powell (Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist) and Todd Haberkorn (Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club). I sat through a couple of Q&A sessions with them , and got autographs and a photo taken with them!

If you judged me solely on my dealer's room purchases, you might think I have a cat fetish - I bought a Meowth plushie (no Persian, had to go for the next best Pokemon) and a figurine of Sakura Kinomoto (from Cardcaptor Sakura) in her famous pink kitty costume. Both are kawaii as heck :)

My cosplay today was cheap and generic - the "stereotypical male high school student" - consisting of a white button up shirt and black pants. Tomorrow I intend to be a bit more elaborate - and ensuring that another Pokemon character shows up for day 2, if you know what I mean :P

Tomorrow's also the fan fiction panel. I intend on going, but I'm not sure if I should mention specifically the works I've written, or whether I should just keep my mouth shut and take notes XD

Well, I am very much looking forward to tomorrow! Look for another update then!
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