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The month of July - what I've been upto.

Posted August 6th, 2014 at 10:16 AM by derozio

I don't know why I'm writing this. I really don't. I just feel like doing so. So I am.
I started college in the month of July this year. And it has only been one month. But what a month it has been, haha.

> Roomie looked like he'd be a mean guy. Turned out to be a sweetheart at heart and Richie Rich (kinda) when it comes to his pocket lol. He's a nice guy and its been fun around him.

College rules
> Came to know that this college has quite a few rules that suck. Kind of. Like if you don't keep 75% attendance then you'll be debarred from certain exams. And there are rules preventing us from wandering out of the college campus for the initial 3 months. And then there's the hostel "in-time" of 9 PM. Some of them have been kind of irritating but nothing's been a total pain in the ass so far.
Things are a little worse for girls. They can't even go to the local mall (JUST outside the campus - only exception from the "no wandering outside" rule) for buying stuff without getting a written permission from their parents - not the case with guys. We can go there no problem. Then there's the fact that girls have to be inside their hostel premises earlier than us guys. And some other stuff.

Fell for a girl
> Met a girl in my class who I instantly fell for. No other girl in our class, no matter how good looking they may be, managed to attract my attention but this one just did. Unfortunately, being the shy-asshat that I am, I never approached her to ask if we could be friends. We did perform a workshop activity together, though! That day I just somehow worked up the courage to ask her if we can be partners for the activity. And she was cool with it. And lemme tell you (without trying to sound like a creep), it was amazing! I enjoyed it so much. And, by the look of her face, I could tell that she did too. Those were THE best moments of the month of july for me.
But from that day onwards she started remaining absent from the classes. I heard a rumor about her changing colleges. I got a little worried so I took her number from a friend. And contacted her to ask if everything was okay. She told me it was. And that she'd be back soon. That she'd been struck by fever which prevented her from attending the classes. But after a few days, I asked her straightaway - like, you really HAVE left the college, right? You're not here, are you? And then she told me that the rumors have been true. She'd shifted to another college. I was heartbroken. But, well, what could I do? Nothing, that's what. I told her about how I really wanted to be her friend and how I was gonna approach her about it. And then she replied by saying that she's cool with everything and that we're already friends. Me and her had a few long chats after that and things are swell between us. But that's pretty much the end of it. She's now in a college that's like 2k Kilometers away from my place. But that's okay. At least we're friends.

> Friends in general - well, I have managed to make quite a lot of friends over here. Quite a lot. Like, I'd usually not make these many in a month but yeah. Its been really fun around these people.

Gaming and fun!
> Gaming. One of my friends came up with the idea of gaming over LAN. We all had laptops, after all! So we started playing lots and lots of Quake III Arena. I got myself the full version + team arena maps recently and we do plan to play those quite a bit once this on-going quiz session ends. :3

Meeting up with an online friend!
> Another interesting thing! I met a girl online. The topic was Mekakucity Actors. I was calling it a bore-fest that doesn't deserve even a single moment of my time. And she was defending the anime. We had an arguement. Sort of, lol. And then, when I was going through the names of people who picked the same major as me, I came across a name that was exactly the same as the girl I'd met online. Then, one day I randomly messaged the girl online on facebook and asked her if she's studying in this college. And, to my surprise, she answered with a "Yes!". And I'm like, are you majoring in Information Technology? And she responds with a "Yes!" yet again. And I'm totally "O_____________________________________________o". And then I ask her if she's in SJT208 (the name of the room I was in) and she's like "Wait wait wait hold on for a second. YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!". And then, it turns out, that yes. She's a college-mate (if that's a word lol). And then she asked me to meet her after class and then we talked about anime and stuff for more than an hour that day and have been good friends since. :D

Crappy mess food
> The food. Sometimes the quality of the food over here in the mess is atrocious. You'd have trouble swallowing that ♥♥♥♥. And sometimes its pure amazingness. Its weird. A few weeks ago I heard that 40-50 students had been ill due to food poisoning - all due to the crappy mess food. Fortunately I never suffered from the same but contracting any kind of illness over here would prove to be fatal - you know, because of that goddamn 75% attendance rule. All in all, I just eat to live over here. I just hope I don't fall ill.

Regular workshops and club meets!
> These people organize workshops and club meetings regularly. They're informative interactive sessions which I'm a big fan of. You also get to meet cute girls so that's a plus haha. I'm definitely looking forward to going into more of these.

Not much else apart from all this. One thing that I gotta say is that we all have to walk a TON everyday. So I don't even have to do any exercise and I'd lose weight automatically. I've lost 3 kilos in 15 days without any exercise haha. And I hope to lose at least 5 kilos more. I'll be totally fit then. :D

Oh and roomie's made a bet with me - said I'm too much of a sissy and won't be able to make a girlfriend once in the 4 years I have in college. If I manage to do that he'll let me kick him in the ass as hard as I can. Well, what can I say, I hope he has his ass ready. >D

Lastly, I realize I haven't been online much. But that's because the first month had me doing a lot of stuff for the first time and just settling down. I'll definitely be more active on this place from today onwards. Since I'm all used to this place now and all, haha. Expect me to hang around in the Anime & Manga, General Chat (or whatever the ♥♥♥♥ it is called right now) and Art & Design sections!

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    jigglypuffisaduck's Avatar
    this blog just made me 10x more nervous for university D':
    Posted August 6th, 2014 at 11:42 AM by jigglypuffisaduck jigglypuffisaduck is offline
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    Nathan's Avatar
    Where's your college at?
    Posted August 6th, 2014 at 11:54 AM by Nathan Nathan is offline

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