Funny, isn’t it, the things that we think are not spiritual? Why is telling jokes not spiritual? Why is something beautiful—a car, a suit—not spiritual? Why is physical excellence not spiritual? Why is sex not spiritual? Religion is simply institutionalized spirituality, passing on its good news to the next generation to do with as they see fit, which will then itself be passed on, and thus unto the ends of time. - taken from #IntegralSpirituality
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The Chicken Dance

Posted February 17th, 2015 at 2:45 PM by Tek
Updated February 17th, 2015 at 2:49 PM by Tek (Spelling and grammar)

Of the many dreams I recall having the night of Tues 10 Feb, one was lucid. In this dream, I tried twice to manipulate the scenery and died both times as a result. Died in the dream, that is; I'm not a zombie blogger guys don't panic.

I was on a farm, standing next to a red barn. There were those tube metal fences around, which formed several enclosures. In the area were a lot of chickens roaming around, a few hens but mostly roosters. As I saw them, I couldn't help but make clucking sounds. I soon discovered that this really pissed the roosters off because they started getting aggressive towards me.

My roommate (from waking life) was somewhere in the barn washing dishes. As I looked around for him, I found myself going in circles in an unnatural way. I realized that I was dreaming because of the altered physics. It was thus I found myself facing a large frightening bird that was a cross between a rooster and an emu. It was exactly as foul-tempered a fowl as you'd expect.

This killer bird attacked me straight away. Instinctively I threw up my guard, but then I had a thought. Perhaps if I stopped defending myself, the bird would cease to be an attacker and become something else. So I let down my guard, and what I got was a warm sensation spreading out from my throat and down my chest. The bastard actually killed me.

After that I may have woken up, not sure. But I soon found myself in the same dream world running from the same godforsaken bird. Although I knew I was still dreaming, I didn't think to try to wake myself up to escape. But I probably wouldn't have taken that option anyway. This time, the roosters that had been aggressive towards me were now helping me escape my assailant. I would hold out my finger, and one would grab on and fly me to temporary safety.

Eventually they led me up to the top of a tall tree, completely out of the death bird's reach. I found myself looking out at a beautiful sunset. I could see the stars among the purple and deep blue of the sky. Perhaps it was the image of space that led me to do what I did next.

At the top of this tree, I closed my eyes. I felt everything begin to spin around. Next, I let go of the tree entirely. I expected to float off into the night, and have some new adventure in this dream world. Instead I plummeted straight to the ground.

At this I woke up into a new dream room. I thought at this point that I was awake and at home. I was laying on back and still spinning rather rapidly, as if there were a pin in my navel and my limbs were the hands of a clock. My hands and feet were colliding with objects in the room. Once again, the strange physics triggered a realization that I was dreaming. As soon as I realized this, my hands and feet did not collide with the objects in the room as I spun around.
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