Funny, isn’t it, the things that we think are not spiritual? Why is telling jokes not spiritual? Why is something beautiful—a car, a suit—not spiritual? Why is physical excellence not spiritual? Why is sex not spiritual? Religion is simply institutionalized spirituality, passing on its good news to the next generation to do with as they see fit, which will then itself be passed on, and thus unto the ends of time. - taken from #IntegralSpirituality
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seasons to cycles and children to men

Posted October 6th, 2015 at 7:24 PM by Tek

mind if i post some ramblings here, for all to see? no? i didn't think so. you all are nice people.

there is definitely change in the air. autumn is coming to this hemisphere of our spherical spaceship, yes; deeper cycles are also coming around, i think.

growth - the emergence of cycles which are more inclusive than their predecessors - occurs when life habits become inadequate and frustrating. the old zen masters of the east were known to purposely intensify these frustrations within their students, so that the students would more quickly reach the fulcrum at which growth can occur.

there is a growing collective awareness, i feel, of the materialistic dogmas within western civilization - or at least the unhealthy effects of these often unspoken beliefs. the steadfast belief that non-material phenomena are secondary to the physical world of the senses, i think this is a bedrock frustration of our rational culture and industrial society.

connected-ness, rooted-ness, is desperately needed in this age. it is the balancing substance and antidote to the hollow, meaningless, disposable reality we are co-creating. emotional bonds cannot be measured and charted the way that neurotransmitter activity can. but who can deny the power and importance of familial love, friendship, or camraderie? let alone an intense and indescribable feeling of love and unity with all of manifestation, or an unexplainable but warm and pleasant animal urge emanating from one's nether regions.

i'm frequently surprised by the depth and profundity of conversations that occur with random people on kansas city streets. i am encouraged daily when i interact with kc people. i have also been stolen from, emotionally betrayed, by kc people whom i gave a degree of trust. this paragraph of text is a material representation and record of these non-material bonds. and in this, the present moment, these words are reaching you; literally reaching you from across time and space.

i am creating these words in your past and in my city; you are reading them in my future, and in which city i know not. or if i know, then i don't currently know that i know. yet despite the lack of knowledge about physical time travel, we are aware of each other to some extent - across both time and space! - in this, the present moment. the same, eternal moment Divine? a capital Now? who knows?

who are you, anyway? that reminds me, who am i again?

if the ramble ends here, and if there is any point to it - the ramble - then the point is that we can and should cultivate loving awareness towards inner space. inner space: the non-material phenomena that arise, both in our individual consciousness-es and our in collective consciousness. let this attention energy blossom into exploration, exchange, discovery and thorough rational examination. thereby may we build the family bigger.
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    addendum: i have witnessed violence on kc streets, too. it shakes me that human beings inflict pain upon one another. what shall we do with the lives we lead?
    Posted October 8th, 2015 at 12:58 AM by Tek Tek is offline