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Let's Play Trickster Online! Chapter 5

Posted February 6th, 2019 at 3:53 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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We're playing with power today, folks.

Chapter #5 - Relic Hunt


Last time on Trickster Online, we left Star Heart sitting around an elephant statue because she wanted to wind down from all the crazy people.

Sad to say that she's not quite done dealing with 'em yet.

Favian here is head-over-heels for Vinosh, so he wants us to get him some… boiled corn. Oh. The poor sod has no idea what’s coming to him, but we help him feel useful regardless.

Ah, crap. There goes our increased mobility – it was nice while it lasted. Notice’s announcement is that you can recycle it or give it to Pia to recharge it, but I don’t think I’ll do either.

The Wise Hen wants us to give her some Millet Caviar – this and the corn both come from the Leaf Birds before, so I guess it’s time to smash some freaky beak-teeth.

Holy muk! Don’t surprise me like that, game. Stat-boosting stones are valuable by themselves, but the WT ones are extremely precious due to how much weight cripples you. (As you’ll see later on in this chapter…)

Good luck with her, dude. You’re gonna need it.

Star Heart does not want to touch that stuff with a ten foot pole and the game thinks so too. Also, ooh! Red notifications are my favorite kind.

Oooh, rad.

I... should probably stress that the Fortune Teller she’s talking about is not the one standing right here, but instead a different version in the town ahead. (I dunno, man, Trickster’s wacky with its NPCs sometimes.)

: "Business going well?"

He tries to guilt trip you with his sob story about getting abused by Master Mong, a sick mother and siblings to take care of... but come on, it’s friggin’ Monkey T. He tries to play highway robbery by asking for fifteen thousand 500 galder coupons (7,500,000 IN CASH, let alone how much that would weigh) but our heroine doesn’t even take it -

: "What?! I’m reporting you!"

This forces Monkey T to backpedal and offer a pretty woman-shaped necklace as a reward if we get him five 50 Galder Coupons. ()

This chapter's starting off strong if we're having to deal with Monkey T and his shenanigans.

This is the twin sister of the famous reporter lady from Paradise and she says that everyone at the TV Station loved the pineapple masks we gave them. (Oh snap, continuity?!)

Mirabo wants to impress everyone too, so she asks us to get Stone Soldier Helmets in her place (because she’s a weenie.)

Speaking of Caballa Relics Field 1...

Type: Charm
Level: 57
HP: 2,305
AP: 304
MA: 0
DP: 216
MD: 229
Aggressive?: No
Skills: None
Element: Light
Weakness: Gun
Resistance: Physical
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Stone Soldier Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Gold Plated Wheel (Uncommon / Quest Item)
* Stone Soldier Helmet (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "An ancient sentinel made of stone armed with cannons. They are only hostile if attacked, implying that their creators only made them as a self-defense mechanism."

That official art was cuter than I expected, so at least I know why they're Charm-type. They're not too dangerous or sturdy, despite what their "resistance" slot says, which is good because there's a hunting mission revolving around them.

When you kill one they just fall apart, so that explains where their drop items come from.

Despite the fact both the Mermaid Babe and the Old Artist are here, they’re not relevant to us right now. They’re Story Quest NPCs, but I’ve got quite a bit to tackle when we get to Azteca...

Aw hell.

This, my friends, is the Tower of Chaos – the ultimate dungeon in the game! Why did they put it in Caballa Relics? Beats me, but at least it's not in an obnoxious place.

I am not even one tenth capable of tackling this place right now, so lemme just steer Star Heart away from this place before she gets herself in trouble.

: "W-wow... I can’t even see the top from here. Real scary..."

I just love how Trickster Online can let you get away with SWORD WINGS. It’s just over the top in a good way, alright?

Ah yes while we’re still at it – wings in this game are special equipment items that go on your back. Their primary purpose aside from making you look like a JRPG overlord is to reduce the amount of weight your inventory has, but they’re exclusively MyShop items anyway. Alas.

Type: Sense
Level: 61
HP: 2,340
AP: 310
MA: 0
DP: 221
MD: 261
Aggressive?: No
* Impelling Rage (HP-based skill that pushes enemies away)
* Stone Strike (Standard Sense Attack)
* Aura of Luck (Boosts Luck)
* Sixth Sense (Boosts Detection Ability)
Element: Earth
Weakness: Light
Resistance: Physical
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Mimic Card (Very Rare / Mastery Card)
* Gold (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "Living chest animated by greed that often pretends to be a regular treasure chest to lure people in. Carries a wicked morning star to punish the greedy."

(Boosts Hyper Beat for Bunnies and Physical Training for Cats and Raccoons)

Man, I've seen a lot of mimics in my day and this one just takes the cake. It's a bone lizard chest that carries a flail, like what? It's honestly kinda freaky looking, but at the same time it's just a really cool monster design.

Too bad it has a pretty janky strut, but hey not every monster can be a Disney-level animated marvel.

Indiana John here is an Story Quest NPC that will play a much bigger role later on, but for now we'll just let him play in the dirt.

(Ah yes, it’s a good time to mention that pressing alt on the keyboard reveals everything around you, so if an item is obscured by the foreground a textbox will hover over it.)

Type: Charm
Level: 66
HP: 1,990
AP: 370
MA: 72
DP: 176
MD: 469
Aggressive?: Yes
* Mana Arrow (Summon two bolts of magic to strike opponent)
* Magic Breakdown (Lowers opponent's magic attack)
* Magic Defense Breaker (Lowers opponent's magic defense)
Element: Earth
Weakness: Gun
Resistance: Magic
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Aposis Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Aposis's Stick (Common / Quest Item)
* Crystal Marble (Common / Quest Item)
* Old Book (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "Chaos deity that takes the form of a snake woman. She is extremely dangerous to beginner adventurers no matter their walk of life."

Oh damn, I didn't expect the mythological references to sneak up on me here. That's usually a Castlevania thing.

Anyway, Aposis here is based off of Apep / Apophis (as they're known in Greek) - an ancient Egyptian deity that represented chaos and served as the archnemesis of Ra, god of the sun.

Why are they here instead of the blatantly Egyptian dungeon back in Desert Beach? I'm not quite sure, so there must be a clever reason that I'm not getting.

When you kill an Aposis, they turn into a gold statue version of themselves…? I dunno man, these monsters are already weird as it is.

(Also wow look at my health. They really battered my poor bunny girl! Even if you were a magic user, their stupid high magic defense would be an issue regardless)


I’m outta here

[My choice for Azteca OST: Sailing to Scaraba]

Say hello to Azteca, everyone! This is the second major town in the game, and it shows with how much stuff is here: it's kind of like an intermediate version of Paradise in a way.

"Oh, are you the adventurer the [Wise Hen] was talking about?"

: "Yes, I am!"

: "Ho, ho, ho. Okay, adventurer, did you find out something new while looking around this village and the Relics?"

: "Yes, I did!"

I mean... Star Heart was nearly smothered to death by half-naked snake women twice her size. That counts for something, right?

Impa here teases us with the backstory of how this place was made, but she asks for the price of ten recommendation stickers before she proceeds. Ten’s quite a step up from before, but we don’t really have to mess around with Heart Gems like in Paradise, so...

She points us to these people, but... doing all of them would be dumb. This is when 100%’ing the quests in Trickster becomes unfeasible because they throw a ton of extra sticker quests at you…

This is very good for player choice and all (because you have alternatives in case a mission sucks), but the unfortunate thing is that nobody set up shop here today for some godforsaken reason... So I have to do all of the hard work myself.


This place is normally packed with player shops, but suddenly when I have to do the LP chapter there’s nobody here? Come on.

Here’s the bank and the storage, as well as Pia in the odd scenario where you decide to use her services. I do like how they change out the normal storage lady with Julio to fit the setting - nice touch.

They even changed out the item and card girls for more Azteca natives (I assume?). The items she’s talking about will not be all that useful for us, so I don’t really care.

I will be coming back here periodically to refill my potion count just so I can survive - you know, standard stuff.

These fancy guys are all the skill masters for the second-tier classes: no joke, their titles are the same as ours if we upgrade. The only one that’s relevant to us is Boxer Jeanne, but we’re both: not high leveled enough to even advance to the next tier, and none of the Skill Cards in her shop are ones we can use as a mere Schoolgirl.

(Honestly the coolest ones of this pack are Warrior Kei, Card Master Taniel and I think Entertainer Elisha is cute.)

Oh hey, Cochma isn’t just a one-off NPC for skill cards.

... Wait, Caballa V?

"You can’t make this on your own. You need the help of your friends to build such a giant robot even if you might be a genius. So I told them to come: the Doctor Neko. You can call him Doc Neko. With the help of his father, he made Caballer Z and Cabalion. They are the best of the best."

... Ancient super robot built by a lost civilization...

Oh my psyduck, he wants us to make Voltron with the help of intelligent talking cats. This game, man, you can’t say it’s not creative at the very least. Hell yeah, sign me up!

He wants us to fix up these important parts with the help of the doctor cats (which is surreal enough as it is – is this a thing outside of Caballa Island?), so this shouldn’t be hard...


What a dork.

Star Heart missed a perfect opportunity to say meowst definitely.

(Is pelted by tomatoes.)

Anyway, the deal with all four cats is that they want us to do a hella amount of grinding to get the items they want.

Like yikes. Thankfully all the cats give stickers and slates, so at least doing all of their quests are meaningful. (You know, as opposed to doing a ton of busy work just to get one sticker. That would just be evil.)

Each item is in the Caballa Relics Dungeon. You only need ten each of the drillable objects while the monster drops require fifteen. That’s pretty steep, but screw it - we might as well get used to this.

This whacko is Louis Bitton – no doubt inspired by the real life fashion company of the (almost) same name. Louis here may be wacky, but he’s no slouch when it comes to his job: see, upgrading tiers in this game actually changes your appearance.

But let’s say you liked the look of a previous tier better? No worries because he can fix that up for you. It’s all aesthetic, so you still retain the powers and abilities of your highest tier. Man, I’m still astonished by the amount of care the developers put in so the players can enjoy customizing their characters; I love it.

Uh... Moving on.

Guide Sabrina is leading a restoration effort to preserve the beauty of Caballa Relics, so she has three different quests to follow.

With the tomb raider one, she tells us that someone’s been stealing priceless relics and that she wants proof of whodunit. She points us to someone called Fairy Feria who is…

Tiny and adorable.

In the second quest, Sabrina tells us that her restoration effort is failing because of the lacking amount of tourists contributing to her fund. So her plan of action is to get 15 chunks of gold and 5 gold eggs to sell them off that way.

That’d... certainly be a good way to fix the problem.

The third and final quest of hers is one where we have to ask the Old Artist for an empty container, making him the one of the few Story Quest NPCs that fulfill multiple roles in this area.

(This may also be part of the Story Quest that I'm not remembering properly, so whoops.)

Going into the bath house has us meet up with… Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Are you kidding me? At least I can’t decipher what is name is meant to be, but he even goes “my precious” for corn’s sake.

He asks us to bring him back one of each of these stones (adding up to fifteen total), which isn’t too bad given that this is a TM EXP quest.

… I didn’t expect to get this, but I’ll gladly take it. Good muk.

Oh yeah, this thing. Shtella's Profile is a daily quest item - if you go to Fortune Teller Stella to trade this in, she'll hand you a Daily Coupon that can be used for getting special items like Stat Stones without having to fight monsters.

You can only do it once per day, but that's not much of a hassle to be honest.

Very nice. There was more than one penguin here, by the way, so I got to reap the reward multiple times!

One of them being the Friend Finder, which would be very useful it I ever really needed it.

Killing the Mimics destroys their teeth and limbs, leaving me to wonder if they were monsters shaped like treasure chests or simply possessed ones the entire time.

A weight accessory, huh? That'd sure be a nice thought.

Bunny Maid back at the gate wants us to give her fifteen of these coins because... well.

Important relic sites at Caballa Island are being damaged, so people wished for it to get better by throwing coins in the fountain. The fountain filled up and the act was prohibited, so people started throwing coins at the ground instead.

I’m just in awe of the sheer amount of thought put into a random sidequest ultimately meant to give you more EXP for the next town.

: "Wow… They sure know how to overwhelm you with quests here, huh? I’m getting tired just from walking around."

[Star Heart's contact gear starts ringing]

: "Oh!"

[She answers the call, with Nebulos appearing on-screen]

: "Hey, Rachel. How are you doing?"

: "Oh! Hi, mister Nebulos! I've made it to the third town - they call it Azteca, I think."

: "Very nice! Glad to hear you're making decent progress. Say, I prepared a gift for you to make your journey a bit easier - it'll make walking around less of a problem, so be sure you equip it!"

: "A gift! Oh, you didn't have to. Where do I go get it?"

: "The lady in charge of the bank has it. Her name is Lisa: you can't miss her if you're still in town."

: "Oh hello there. You must be Star Heart – your friend asked me to give these to you."

: "Thank you, miss! I really appreciate it."

Note: This is not part of the base game, this is just me messing around with some extra stuff I had lying around that Star Heart could utilize.

But yeah, I had a spare Kitty Earring lying around that I wanted to utilize for our own convenience, as well as a pet to replace the one we already have. (Sorry bunny, but Jack here's got your number.)

I forgot to mention that the Trickster website has a function where you can buy stuff from other people using either galders or points. It's honestly pretty fantastic in case I want to get something none of the player shops in-game have.

It's just cathartic seeing all these extra bonus points only to pour them all into attack.

: "Waah! What the heck are you doing?!"

Name: Punisher Aposis
Type: Charm
Level: 66
HP: 2,220 x3 (6,660)
AP: 410
MA: 74
DP: 202
MD: 532
Aggressive?: Yes
* Mana Arrow (Summon two bolts of magic to strike opponent)
* Magic Breakdown (Lowers opponent's magic attack)
* Cure (Restores some HP)
* Magic Defense Breaker (Lowers opponent's magic defense)
Element: None
Weakness: Gun
Resistance: Magic
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Aposis Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Aposis's Stick (Common / Quest Item)
* Staff of Purification (Common / Daily Quest Item)
* Crystal Marble (Common / Quest Item)
* Old Book (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "Leader of the Aposis that lurk in the Caballa Relics fields."

When the Aposis aren’t in the mood for using Mana Arrows, they straight up just flash you for their physical attack. That’s an… interesting way to flex your muscles. (Thankfully they don’t really have any real features otherwise this’d turn into an M-rated game real quick.)

She’s literally just Tinker Bell. Indiana Jones is one thing but I’m pretty sure Disney could sue if they saw this, so yeesh.

Her thing is that she’s been framed as the tomb raider by Monkey T (to the shock of absolutely no one) after being tricked into doing a “treasure hunt”.

She wants us to retrieve a total of 30 pots from the ground. For some reason it doesn’t bother me when we’re already multi-tasking all these other quests – getting at least one quest done lessens the load, you know?

That's even a mastery card...

Yessssss, give me more!

: "Awawawa..."

I never got to properly show off what it looks like when you lose all your HP. She looks so dopey lying on the ground there like an idiot.

The other characters have unique death animations, with the cat even twirling her hair in defeat.

I can at least trust her to use the gold responsibly, because…

Yeah, we’re gonna have to do this one too. You’d think this would be strange given how readily he framed Not-Tinker Bell, but nope: he’s a sticker owner too.

We have to bring him gold rings, bracelets and wheels specifically. Why? I dunno, but I’m pretty sure it won’t end well. He might have even stolen the sticker too, so we gotta do this anyway.

Did I ever explain what the Card Hunter’s Diary does? Because while it’s not kill-a-person valuable like some of the other drops (like the cards themselves, for example), it’s still used for the trade sequences with Card Hunter Eugene.

(By itself it's worthless, though.)


I’m not quite sure why they sent this message again, given how we already have the job advancement guidebook. There’s not even a gift for us this time, making it extra weird.

I'm curious to know if this is a problem in real life with all the coins people throw into like, mall fountains.

: "... Oh, if only I were allowed to punch you out here."

This scummy monkey even had the balls to hand us a five galder coupon. That’s just plain insulting.

At least Sabrina has my back regarding Monkey T, the swine.

So fun fact, I decided to trade in my Caballa Slates early to see how much they cost and... yeah, I got both the shield and helmet, but not the weapon. That will be our second best present, you see...

Vagabond Eloy is cuckoo for coffee. Standard stuff until you realize he wants us to actually freaking make it via compounding.

To do so, we need to buy some empty bottles and water from the store while we have to slay some monsters in the dungeon to get the coffee beans. This can go horribly wrong, so I’m prepared to make repeat visits.

[My choice for this Dungeon's OST: Secret Circle]

Caballa Relics Dungeon is the first real wake-up call in the game, because there's a few monsters in here that show off how devious Trickster can get with its enemy lineup.

Type: Magic
Level: 73
HP: 2,830
AP: 394
MA: 0
DP: 306
MD: 364
Aggressive?: No
Skills: Rust (Lowers enemy attack)
Element: Earth
Weakness: Gun
Resistance: Physical
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Chibcha Card (Very Rare / Mastery Card)
* Ancient Jar (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "Mystical snake that hides its face under an ancient jar. Its glowing eyes seem to dull the strength of those who strike it..."

(Boosts Hellfire for magic users)

It's literally a snake with a jar on its head. That's adorable.

Type: Magic
Level: 70
HP: 1,190
AP: 376
MA: ??? (Around 70-ish, based on how much they do)
DP: 198
MD: 551 (!?)
Aggressive?: No
Skills: Wind Blade (Air-elemental magic attack that surrounds user)
Element: Earth
Weakness: Fire, Physical
Resistance: Air
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Lima Card (Very Rare / Mastery Card)
* Eye of the Sun (Common / Quest Item)
* Flying Weight (Common / Quest Item)
* Julio's Key (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "Ancient eye sentinel that roams the catacombs of Azteca. It and its kin seem to represent the sun, but nobody knows who - or what - they answer to."

These guys, on the other hand, are weird and I love it. They're like flying eye monsters made out of Aztec technology and that's just cool.

Type: Sense
Level: 66
HP: 2,585
AP: 352
MA: 0
DP: 252
MD: 299
Aggressive?: No
Skills: Sticky Foot (Reduces enemy avoid rate)
Element: Earth
Weakness: Dark
Resistance: Air
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Guiana Card (Very Rare / Mastery Card)
* Coffee Beans (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "Mouse creature that roams Caballa Relics Dungeon to cause mischief. It is surprisingly fond of coffee beans and is known to cultivate them."

Guiana is just a cute little rat with a nice hat, but it does leave me wondering if these names have actual significant meanings behind them.

This scene with John and the aptly-named Weird Box is a quest we can’t even touch right now, so we’ll leave it alone.

Paul, you better not screw me on this one or I swear to Arceus...

What are the psyducking odds of them all coming out right?!

Like seriously! I was expecting at least one to come out as waste, but this is like the best case scenario! No unnecessary grinding, thank god.

: ("This guy has a very punchable face.")

Enjoy your coffee, you dope. Alright, now that all of that is over with, let’s just display the quests the doctor cats gave us and…

Good god my mini-menu looks like a nightmare. If you have too many missions they don’t show up on quest view, so good thing you can choose which ones you want to display.

Malachite is a very powerful item even beyond its quest requirement purposes due to it being a compound item for Magic Defense. Also, unlike its far rarer MD Stone variant, it can simply be dug up in Caballa Relics Dungeon whenever you want.

This makes it pivotal to grab if I get screwed in terms of enemy drops.

If you switch to a different drill the Crazy Drilling meter you accumulated will deplete back to zero, so be sure your old drill didn't have full meter before swapping.

Thanks for all the TM Experience, Not-Gollum. I really appreciate it. Now get off my screen because you're kinda gross.

I’m... beyond words. Back to back MD stones just like that. I’d have to extensively hunt monsters on purpose to get even one stone that I wanted, but this?

Thank you so much, Random Number Goddess.

(No prob)

Yeah... Thanks to how heavy all this muk gets (look at my carrying capacity - 90% and above reduces your speed), I have to come back periodically back to Azteca to give items to the Doctor Cats.

Expect this to happen for... pretty much the rest of the game from now on.

But hey, you get to see what the advanced portable port looks like! No joke it can take you anywhere and it's not limited by level, so if you wanted to go to an end-game level and get slaughtered then this is your ticket!

You know what, we might as well take out the time to advance to our second job tier.

Long story short, Boxer Jeanne here wants us to get a Growth Badge from a monster called Kaboom (located in the depths of the Caballa Relics Dungeon). After we do that, we have to hand her three 100,000 Galder Checks to get certified by the Megalo Company.

We have to be at least level 60 with a TM Level of 50 to do this, but honestly? This is super easy and straightforward compared to the third job class trials – those are just a long-winded nightmare waiting to happen.

Andrew sells them here, thankfully... as well as one million and five million galder checks for the crazy rich people out there.

I have no idea what the more expensive checks could be used for aside from giving galders to other players, so you got me there.


: "W-what the heck!? Where did you come from!? I’m outta here!"

These ghosts are getting crazier each chapter, I swear.

It just so happens that we have not only the required level but also enough slates to get the weapon we need!

We look like a gladiator or something. This is pretty sick in terms of default equipment.

Pay special attention to these slots now that we have the appropriate items to put on them. Different items can be enhanced in different ways: the shield here can only be boosted by MD, LK and HP boosting items.

Likewise, the Helmet can actually have its Attack boosted. (Ironically, the weapon itself can only have DA or HV boosted, so at least it’s good for making sure you can avoid enemy attacks.)

[Star Heart walks back to the dungeon, only to be stopped by a familiar person]

[Current OST: Sunflower Girl #1]

: "Hey, Star Heart!"

: ("Ugh, not her again!")

: "I'm sorry to tell you that I'm making excellent progress! You won't be able to keep up."

: "Oh really? I wasn't aware that this was a race, Blanche."

: "... Sheesh, what kind of rival are you? You're supposed to be like 'yeah, as if - I'll totally beat you!' Put some more spirit into it!"

: "... Can you cut the rival stuff already? Again, I don't even know you. Second, I'm not doing this as a race to see who's the best - I came to Caballa Island for my own reasons."

: "Well! I didn't expect you to be so rude about it. What are you even doing here, then? I bet you haven't even started a quest here!"

: "Actually, on the contrary, I'm almost done. I just need to get some stuff from the dungeon and then that'll be it."

: "What!? No! I won't let someone like you beat me!"

[Blanche storms off in the opposite direction]

: "... What the heck is her problem?"

: "Oh well, that's not any of my business! Back to work!"

Type: Charm
Level: 78
HP: 3,180
AP: 358
MA: 0
DP: 257
MD: 278
Aggressive?: Yes
* Dodge Master (Increases avoid rate)
* Banish (Another demonstration is necessary)
Element: Earth
Weakness: Gun
Resistance: Magic
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Chimu Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Smiling Face (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "Masked feline-like creature that lurks under the ground. Its true face is a mystery, with some monster hunters theorizing that the mask is its face."

Chimu is another weird enemy that I'd love an explanation for, mostly because it just seems to have a mask for a face. That and it's the first enemy to have one of the most cruel attacks in the game.

(shrill scream)

You see this abominable blue circle? This is the infamous Banish attack, an enemy exclusive spell designed to completely screw over you, the player.

What it does is that it kicks you out of the dungeon: in any other game that wouldn’t be a problem, but Trickster is specially designed to make dungeon traversal a miserable experience.

Sure, you have fast travel and Memory Ports, but those are limited resources. Not only that, you can’t just teleport to boss rooms unless you use a special item that you can’t get normally anyway.

Killing the monster or getting out of the circle at least stops it from teleporting you, but you have to be quick otherwise you're getting thrown back to Megalopolis.

They just keep coming.

Type: Power
Level: 84
HP: 3,215
AP: 541
MA: 0
DP: 333
MD: 396
Aggressive?: Yes
* Guard Break (Nullifies enemy avoid and block rate)
Element: Light
Weakness: Magic
Resistance: Gun, Physical
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Naranjo Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Lamplight (Common / Quest Item)
* Ancient Die (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 65 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "Enraged relic lantern that punishes intruders of Tombeth's territory. You cannot escape their glare once they see you."

Rude Crude Dudes Alert

Whoof, these guys. Naranjo are the premier damage dealers of the Caballa Relics dungeon and the most powerful enemy we'll encounter yet. This is thanks to their sky high attack and Guard Break, so even if we wanted we couldn't avoid their hits anyway.

The worst part about dealing with them is running out of HP and MP potions. If that happens, it's kind of a slow burn until you die: your natural regeneration is nowhere near capable of refilling your health while in a dungeon. I strongly recommend you retreat when that kind of thing happens.

Look at how dangerous just one is! How the psyduck am I going to kill enough to get fifteen ancient die?

But at least they’re generous enough to drop their card for us, given how ruthless they are. (I actually got a second one offscreen if you can believe it. This is like Chuggaaconroy level luck.)

I’m finally using my Memory Port because getting back to this part of the dungeon is an absolute chore, so…

I love how you can write down memos for each of the areas you’ve recorded – that’s real neat.

Oooh! Give me two more of those and we’ll be set for a while.

Type: Charm
Level: 80
HP: 5,245 x4 (20,980)
AP: 534
MA: 0
DP: 599
MD: 684
Aggressive?: Yes
* Shockwave (Standard Power Attack)
* Berserker (Significantly boosts attack power but can only use normal attacks)
* Cure (Restores HP)
* Guard Break (Nullifies enemy avoid and block rate)
* Dodge Master (Increases avoid rate)
* Suicide (Instant kills opponent but sacrifices user)
Element: Earth
Weakness: Gun
Resistance: Light, Magic
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Growth Badge (Common / Job Quest Item)
Gear Entry: "Rough riding mole-man that deals with demolition work. He is the guardian of the second job class promotion items due to a misguided idea that the Growth Badges will transmute bigger and better explosions."

Kaboom is a big boy and has the stats and moveset to prove it. He is, aside from the Naranjos, one of the toughest monsters in this area. Thankfully dealing with him isn't a problem because he's practically guaranteed to drop the Growth Badge in the event you want to promote your character to the next job tier.

Sissy Cello here is… well, as her name says. She got herself lost in this dungeon and is scared of the dark, so she wants us to bring her some lamp lights and smiley masks.

The latter is easy because Chimus are easy to kill, but the Naranjos are a different story.

Lamplights are easier to grab and she only wanted five of them, so at least that wasn't too bad. It's nice knowing she gets to have fun being a weirdo with all her masks and lamps.

When Kaboom is at low health, he uses the Berserker skill to buff the hell out of his attack. Combine this with Guard Breaker and fighting him turns into a serious hassle.

(I even died offscreen a few times thanks to him and those damn Naranjos. )

As long as you keep your distance it shouldn’t be a problem, but man: for a point and click game there’s a fair amount of strategy going on here.

I really like how it works, you know? It’s not just mindlessly clicking on an enemy until you win.

: "Here you go!"

Aside from Kaboom’s surprising strength, this was easy as pie. Jeanne was just hyping it up to be more difficult than it really was.

: ("Oh boy, I really get to advance to the next tier just like that? This is so exciting!") [Heart thumps]

[A flash of light envelops Star Heart's body. After a while it clears to reveal her new form]

: "Is... is this really me? Wow!"

[Star Heart flexes her muscles]

: "Awww, heck yeah!"

Awwww yeah, here we go.

Our cute little bunny is now a Boxer! A whole new world of possibilities has just opened for us! The primary reason for upgrading to the next job class is less about stat improvements and more about learning new and more powerful skills.

The caveat is that you have to re-equip all your stuff, but that’s-

Wait... Star Heart’s hair is blue? Whoops, I should probably fix that.

There we go.

I went and bought this Vivid Coloring from MyShop to fix her up since her hair’s supposed to be pink and all.

The Boxer skills are fantastic. For one, we get to use Guard Breaker ourselves! It’s automatically equipped to Shockwave so that skill will get use no matter how far we go into the game. (It also gets Faint applied to it later on, so it becomes practically invaluable.)

However, I just want to highlight some other special skills:

Quad Punch is exactly as it sounds and if the burly boxer man on the cover is any indication, it means business. You actually hit an enemy four times in a row, making it ridiculous in terms of damage output.

Tetra Punch down the line is its improved version that does more damage with each punch, making this vital for slaughtering enemies one-on-one.

If this sounds like cheating... it kinda is but not really? Trickster’s just nuts like that.

Uppercut is an improved version of Upper Smash that is monstrously powerful once you properly level it up. It has a support skill called Counter Punch that increases the damage it does, making it and Tetra Punch the lynchpins of any Boxer moveset.

These are the first steps for Star Heart to become a tiny goddess of death... and I dig all of it.

Only problem, I forgot to purchase the skill required to learn Quad Punch because it didn’t cross my mind.


Word of warning though: if you right click on the Guard Breaker skill, the game will crash. I don't know what's going on there, but it sure freaks me the hell out.

Another essential I forgot to grab was Pumping Heart, which boosts your attack for a short amount of time. It’s not a significant buff, but every little bit helps.

The Doctors have all completed their mission to build the Super Fighting Robot with cat science!

Cochma hands us a mini UFO as a pet and he gets to summon not-Voltron. All in all, a major success.
(Oh and we get more than enough stickers to complete Caballa Relics, hooray. That’s just as cool, I guess.)

: "Nice! That should be enough stickers to finish this town."

: [Pants] "Fancy to meet you again! You caught me in the middle of my own quest. After I finish here, I'll definitely be--"

[Blanche observes Star Heart after noticing her new form]

: "Wait... why do you look so different all of a sudden?"

: "Oh, I managed to complete the quest to grow into my second job class. I'm a Boxer now!"

[Blanche yells out in anger, with Rachel flinching back]

[Current OST: Sad Tiesel Bonne]

: "That's not fair! This island challenge is so hard and tedious yet you make it look so easy! How do you do that!? My family has more money than you can imagine, yet it hasn't helped me at all here!"

[She stomps the ground]

: "... Whoa..."

: "Listen, Blanche. I don't know what's up with you, but if you want help then you can just ask."

[She pulls out a pair of Azteca stickers and hands them over to Blanche]

: "Here, you can have these leftover stickers. I did more than my fair share of quests, so this isn't a problem for me."

: "What is this? Are you taking pity on me?!"

: "No, dang it!"

: "I'm not doing this because I pity you. You got here to Azteca too, right? If that's the case, I genuinely believe that if you keep going, you'll get far - so why not take some help from time to time?"

: "... Well yeah, but... it doesn't feel the same... How am I supposed to know you even mean this?"

[Star Heart puts the stickers in Blanche's hands]

: "Just take it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go."

[She walks off into the rest of the city, leaving Blanche alone]

: "... I was expecting everyone on this island to be competitive, but I guess that's not the case..."

You know what, I think that's a good place to cut it off here. The chapter's already eventful enough without the Fortune Teller giving us a history lesson. Next time on Trickster Online, we finish off the Azteca quests and maybe even the first story questline of the game!

See you guys then!


Team Set-up:

(Star Heart / Rachel): "... I hope my words reached her or something. At the very least I hope she'll leave me alone."
* Job class: Schoolgirl ( Tier 1) >> Boxer ( Tier 2)
* Type: Power
* EXP level: 68 (+16)
* TM level: 56 (+15)
* Gender:
* Bosses slain: Zero
* Guild: None

(Nebulos): "I wonder if Rachel enjoyed the pet and Kitty Earring I gave her?
* Job class: Magician ( Tier 2)
* Type: Magic
* EXP level: 129
* TM level: 139
* Gender:
* Bosses slain: 1
* Guild: Remedies - Star Captain (De-facto leader)



(Blanche): [Sitting on the steps while gazing at the stickers Rachel gave her]
* Job class: Model ( Tier 1)
* Type: Charm
* EXP level: 54 (+18)
* TM level: 40 (+9)
* Gender:
* Bosses slain: Zero
* Guild: None

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