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Pokemon Anime: More Accurate Season Titles

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Pokemon Anime: More Accurate Season Titles

Posted August 24th, 2016 at 1:02 PM by Sir Codin

With the latest season of the Pokemon Anime coming to a close, I want to take this time to make a confession that I hate the current English titles of the Pokemon Anime's seasons. I've now taken the liberty of updating them to give an accurate representation of what's in store for you should you watch them for the first time:

Pokémon: Indigo League Defeat

Pokémon: Orange Islands (he actually wins this one, but it isn't canon to the games, so fuk you)

Pokémon: The Johto Journeys (that prove that sometimes the destination is actually more important)

Pokémon: Johto League Champions (None of them are Ash)

Pokémon: Master Quest For Ultimate Failure

Pokémon: Advanced Methods for Encouraging Apathy

Pokémon: Advanced Challenge: See how many drinks you can down before you give up on this season

Pokémon: Advanced Battle That Won't Win the War of League Championship

Pokémon: Battle Frontier: He wins this yet can't win a league, wat

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl, Ash won't get these riches 'cause he won't win

Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension (I wish there was a dimension where someone we regularly follow actually wins)

Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (he never even wins enough prize money to go up to space)

Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors (hey, guess what? Ash isn't one of them)

Pokemon Black & White: A Lesson in Absolutes....There's a Winner and then There's the Losers

Pokemon Rival Destinies (they all beat Ash)

Pokemon: Adventures in Unove & Beyond (Ash already lost, but we're waiting for the next generation of games, so here's some more pointless bullmuk that we'll forget at the beginning of next season)

Pokemon XY: Coordinates already point to Ash losing, why are you still here it's been 16 psyducking years get a job already

Pokemon XY: Kalos Quest (the Quest for non-existent victory)

Pokemon XYZ: Ash's Defeat....NOW IN THREE DIMENSIONS

Pokemon Alola: There Isn't Even A Goddamn League, HAHAHAHAHAHFUKYOUGIVEUSMOREMONEY
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  1. Old Comment
    Nah's Avatar
    why did they never hire you to come up with the season names

    also Ash won something other than Orange Islands? tho just before Battle Frontier was also when I stopped watching so
    Posted August 24th, 2016 at 1:07 PM by Nah Nah is offline

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