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Looks like I have no choice but to get New XL, after all.

Posted December 19th, 2015 at 2:16 AM by Starry Windy
Updated December 19th, 2015 at 2:42 AM by Starry Windy
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Sometimes I wished to get a smaller New 3DS because I always liked the faceplates and all, but at the end... finally I have to pick on New 3DS XL for several reasons.

At first, I checked the local store, and apparently they only have the New XL on the order. On top of that, it seems that I barely bought the New 3DS XL because it was tad bit affordable than New 3DS version, which makes me wish that there was an option of buying it without having to get the bundles like Animal Crossing series, just like in Europe, Japan and Australia, to balance the fairness of smaller is cheaper and whatnot, so that it can easily bought as well, especially to keep note of the economy factor that I'm in.

I bought the black/grey model of New 3DS XL that time.

Sometimes I'm wondering if I should regret my decision to get New XL models or not, because from what I've heard, it seems lighter than original 3DS XL a bit, and it does look faster at loading several games, I can even closing Super Smash Bros. with no need of restarting the handheld, and I could play 3DS games without worries of Circle Pad getting loose on the middle of playing.

In any rate, I hoped that New 3DS XL will do good for a meantime as time goes, even though that's not quite like the way I wanted it to be. So, whether I'll enjoy it or not, it'll take time for me to know. :)
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    idk man the xl isnt even bad. this is coming from someone who's had regular DSes all her life! if you're someone who prioritizes portability more than anything else (read: putting things in your pocket), then I guess the size might be a slight inconvenience, but honestly it's livable even given the size over the regular 3DS.

    i dont think you'd be missing out on much, if anything at all, by not getting the N3DS regular.
    Posted December 19th, 2015 at 4:42 PM by colours colours is offline