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Fun times...

Posted July 6th, 2011 at 7:21 PM by Kirozane

Ya know, except for the part where they totally AREN'T... This is just another pitiful attempt to destress...

So, yesterday. It started out okay, and ended okay too if I do say so myself. But there was this point in time, namely between 3 and 4 PM, where I came close to something extreme/deadly. Yeah. Heat Stroke. I'm not sure how close I really came to THAT. It was only heat exhaustion, but still. And I may have been with a friend at the time, but I fully take responsibility for what happened in that hour. She wanted me to be with her on the long drive to take her COMPASS test. Now, when we got there I instantly felt how hot it really was.... It was at least 100° outside. And she said that I should wait out there or in the building. The choice was mine. I was an idiot and chose to remain in the car.... FOR THE WHOLE HOUR. The first fifteen minutes I was okay, I had distractions by music and SRing mindlessly. After that fifteen minutes, I felt the effects. Oh damn did I feel the effects. I felt reeeeally tired. It may by attributed to how little I eat/sleep, and therefore not having the energy to remain awake AND keep myself cool... So I passed out after about 5 minutes. About 20 minutes later (I kept checking my phone for the time) I woke up because I could not breathe. So I was breathing heavily, and it wasn't helping my case at all. The nausea started to kick in, and I realized, though I could move my arms, my legs weren't being quite as compliant. So by that point I knew going in wasn't an option... I am surprised my control over my vomit lasted as well as it did... but she finally came out and oh god was she apologizing. I was pale, my voice was slurred, oh it was not fun. So when we got back to her house I had a banana and copious amounts of water... And I puked about five minutes after I got home, after being cussed out for not herding the cats back in before I left (Even though last time I did something like that, and I mean take off while the cats were out, I got cussed out for herding them in.)

I want to rant more, but my mom is, as per usual, using the one who is trying to STAY OUT OF THE ARGUMENTS AND LINE OF FIRE as target practice for her stress.... Gah I need to get out of here...
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