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FINALLY DIAGNOSED + UTAUmadness + New family members?

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FINALLY DIAGNOSED + UTAUmadness + New family members?

Posted October 28th, 2012 at 11:34 PM by Kurui

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Okay okay so it's a crummy diagnosis I know, and there's no cure, but it feels excellent to know what has this debilitating junk is now. Docs say it's probably a genetics factor in play here with my family medical history as Fibromyalgia does have a genetic factor. I was diagnosed after ruling out all psychiatric and other medical issues, and finally having the Fibromyalgia test where they kinda press on the trigger points. I might be scheduled for a Tilt Test too due to my fainting symptoms, to see if I have traces of ANS problems with it (as that ALSO kinda goes along with).

That also explains my IST, IBS, and CFS symptoms as they all kind of go in together.

They still have NOT found out what my skin rash is. Acne, Staph, and other stuff ruled out. Doctors are PUZZLED. I go in to a dermatologist again to see if there's any more they can do to figure it out - it's a mystery!

I know I swore to Toad I wouldn't come back here because he got fed with someone being horrible to him, but I know some people here read my blogs and was following along etc. so I needed to update at least this time.



One of the UTAU I have the pleasure of working with is getting a RipSync model! progress here on the base and backdrop:

This is Momochi Shizo in her RipSync model for song "Jitter Doll". Her video as an UTAU newcomer is due out soon. I'll post when it is done.

Image (c) Chi*Me*Go [Toad, WhitefulDawn, Kurui]
Momochi Shizo concept and voiced by WhitefulDawn

As well I've won a considerable amount of awards now for UTAU things! Thanks to Toad (I use his UTAU so much it's crazy >_> ). My UTAUing skills are just grown and grown as have my art skills.

ANNNND I have welcomed 2 new members into my household. :3




These are my Elliptorhina Javanica, A.K.A. Striped Dwarf, A.K.A. Halloween Hissing Cockroaches! They are my BABIES.

Edgar is more skittish and hisses like mad when you even go near him but I actually got him to come to my hand today. He's usually hiding under everything away from light and people. He's also slow/dopey. XD He's big, fat, got a very dark reddish protonum, and has nice thick yellow stripes.

Edwin is the little speedy gonzales (and wannabe escape artist). He's always exploring and running around, but less hissy and mad if you try to pick him up. He's skinner than his brother, although a little longer tail, and more dark orange with slight highlights. He's usually out in the open or running marathons in and out of his log.

These little ones are named after my two friends and "therapists" that help me get over my one ultimate fear: INSECTS! Within about a month I'm not screaming and mowing people down to get away from bugs. I'm actually holding them, petting them, and keeping them as pets! It's a miracle (and basically I am fearless now).

Okay that's enough information to chew on for a Kurui-ful update! ^w^
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