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~Refrain~ :: But Shines Tomorrow

From daily life in the astral planes to tutorials and creativity showcase, this blog documents the thoughts, feelings, and everything Kurui x3. Comments appreciated!
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~Refrain~ :: But Shines Tomorrow

Posted August 20th, 2012 at 12:47 AM by Kurui

"Stars can't be seen. Let's say goodbye to this evening. Morning sun. Going home."



Some people serve to trip you up. Some people serve to hurt you. Some people serve to hate. Some people serve to ignore.

But because you're that one in a million. Just smile! You know as well as I do that not everyone has that light inside. You also know as well that you do have it. That blood deserves to be on another one's face, not yours. So don't externalize the scars from others. Don't show the wounds of the past because you'll scab over the future.

If you can't make those words the dirt beneath your feet, let me stamp them for you. If you can't blow out the light of regret, let me rain.

You can speak freely to me. Someone who doesn't have anything left to say is nothing but a shell. Emptiness will consume the flesh. Just shout! Don't listen to those who say "You should never say!" "Your talking is an annoyance!" "Listen to me instead!" Just shout! You see how sullen they all are? You see how they cry? They no longer have a voice, but as long as you have yours, just shout out!

I think it's quite obvious why I'm happy. You see, unlike the others, I found my purpose and I know me. I like me. Nothing can stop it. Forget the jealous ones. You know that's why they do it. They fear what they do not understand. But understand yourself and those who have found themselves will also understand.

You beautiful boy. Beautiful beautiful boy. The one beauty among the ugliness that constitutes reality. Even to someone who the mirror lies to, the answer will be revealed.



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  1. Old Comment
    deadwater's Avatar
    Thanks. I needed tha'.
    Yor th'bes' nuna luv.
    Posted August 20th, 2012 at 4:00 AM by deadwater deadwater is offline
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    Kurui's Avatar
    Originally Posted by deadwater View Comment
    Thanks. I needed tha'.
    Yor th'bes' nuna luv.
    :D Nooo you are the best. <3 And you're wlcome~. And sorry that my UTAU sounds like she's drunk or something haaaahaha~ >___>;; My UTAU voice sucks.
    Posted August 20th, 2012 at 4:25 AM by Kurui Kurui is offline

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