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Moonlight Silver episode 115--The Afterpost

Posted January 10th, 2018 at 1:56 PM by EmeraldSky
Updated January 10th, 2018 at 2:08 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the League gets underway, Ash and Gary reaffirm their rivalry, and some punks crash the torch relay.

The biggest change was cutting Team Rocket--as Tintri said, he blasted them far away, so there's no way they would be here. In addition, the League is more than just Pokemon battles--there's the Pokethlon, the Lore Stage, and in the future, contests.

Another change was cutting Mr. Goodshow and replacing him with Lance--as League Champion, he is the one all the other regional League Champions report to, so it would make sense he be there at the Johto League, rather than a throwaway character we don't ever see again.

In the remix, the Trading Card Game does make a few appearances, but it's a little different than the TCG we know--there are energy cards for all 18 known types, as well as all new cards the real TCG doesn't have

I debated leaving in the match with Salvador, but rather than cutting it out completely, I just had it occur offscreen in an attempt to speed things up--since there was so much else going on, something had to be cut out so the episode wouldn't run long, so I just moved that battle offscreen.

Gary refers to some of the events of the remixed Kanto in his heart to heart with Ash, which more closely mirrors Yellow. I wanted to have him be showing a little regret for his being a jerk, which sets up for his change of heart and becoming a researcher at the end.

If you're curious, Taran is my imagined dad for Ash--it's where Ash gets his hair and courageous never-say-die attitude.

I had Clair and her attendants sing "Golden Hearts and Silver Souls" for the League proper as a callback to Episode 111.

The Starwings are the gliders that do flyovers at every League, not just Kanto and Johto. Little does Ash know, he, Misty, and Brock will get to fly them for the remixed Alolan League!

Next time, Ash's first opponent has feelings for him!
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