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Birthday week much?

Posted May 12th, 2011 at 6:54 AM by Kirozane
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Not for this site... For my family. My IMMEDIATE family. In the span of 5 days there are three birthdays in this family, including my own. And my involvement in each has varied....

Monday, May 9th - My mother. I have always seen it as kind of a bad thing when we can just lump her birthday in with mother's day (kinda like those kids who are born close enough to Christmas that they just lump it all together in a money-saving-2-birds-with-1-stone thing. Understandable, but that doesn't mean I like it. XD) That's almost what happened. Not quite though. Though, with all the alcohol being thrown around, I kinda found comfort in my ability to escape it all. From the sounds of it my mom might have as well. My intolerance to alcohol (more of a bodily intolerance than a mental one) obviously is a gigantinormous party pooper. XD

Thursday, May 12th - My sister. Namely the one I'm staying with when I babysit. This morning, when her kids had finished breakfast we went to bake her a cake. We started with a box of regular old cake mix... And my sister wanted a cake more moist than the super moist cake. So I used a trick she taught me. And it only really works if the flavors match up. (So essentially we've only gotten it to work with chocolate and vanilla XD) We make one package of instant pudding, and add that into the batter prebake. I guess it sounds odd, but the result is AMAZING. Not sure what else is going on. I may end up making age-gyozas. Only time will tell. :3

Saturday, May14th - My own. I end off the single most stressful week in my father's life. Not entirely sure what I'm gonna do here, since it's currently Thursday the 12th as I type this out. But odds are it will involve a lot of Okami and nostalgia gaming with my friends and sisters. I actually kind of hope I get some more money to spend at the local anime convention I am going to in two weeks. (This blog is going to become a journal of said convention.. I'll keep within my bounds I promise) ...Also am I the only one who finds it odd that I end off this week and am also the youngest?

I also feel a bit of resentment those years when my birthday is on mother's day. She totally outshines me. XD Just a little selfish twinge that irks me. XD But thanks to next year being a leap year I dodge that bullet and have it on a monday.

But yeah. I am actually glad I'm getting more involved in all of this. It's pretty darn fun when I'm not just waiting for mine since I can't help at all.
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