Well, I'll just be using my blog to ramble on about random things that I've seen throughout the day. Probably won't have much to say so I won't be posting everyday :P

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6/21/13 + Random Stuff

Posted June 27th, 2013 at 6:34 PM by tabor62

A bit late haha, but I went out and bought a few things from a classmate from my highschool last Friday. I paid $30 for a somewhat beat up Shrek GBA SP and Pokemon Crystal. I love that green and orange combination for some reason, kinda reminds me of a shiny Druddigon.


Phew, it sure is hot recently *sweats* and to think I'm going to actually go outside with some of friends tomorrow *melts* I think the news said the heat wave was going to last for the week, which means I need some ice cream. Fast. I think this heat is making my laptopheat up more than usual. It really sucks, I need a external cooling fan for it.

Really short, but I haven't posted an entry in a long while so whatever :P
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