Seriously, do I?
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I have things!

Posted March 24th, 2014 at 7:38 PM by donavannj

So, uh, like I say in the title, I have things.

Though we're not gonna talk about those things right now. Other than that I might have too many things.

So I'm just going to get straight down to business:

1. Favorite Set Poll Week 6. Right now it's the HeartGold SoulSilver sets. It's here. You have 2 more days to vote, and it's kind of in a 3 way tie right now.

2. Favorite Set Poll Week 7. This is a future thing. This will be up on Wednesday evening.

3. Card of the Week. This week's card is Hard Charm from the XY Set. It's here.

Also, there's like a Mafia thread over in Forum Games or something. You should totally go check it out. It's here.
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