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Hello everyone. I've decided to start a blog, partly because it sounds amusing, and partly because I want to remind myself of everything I should be doing while writing. This blog will dispense whatever sage advice I happen to have to offer, along with the side tangents and other thoughts that come to mind while writing these things. I will have space at the end of each blog for a more condensed version of the advice, for the sake of clarity and really making sure I get all this stuff. I'm still working on making it look pretty, and I probably won't have it super fancy until sometime in January. Let's face it, I'm never going to get around to it.
Writing Advice Pretty self-explanatory, if I do say so myself


Posted October 23rd, 2016 at 4:36 PM by Bardothren (Writing Advice, Assuming I Know Anything)
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Huh, this thing still exists? Well, might as well make a random post in it since I feel in the mood. As far as a quick update on my life goes, not much has changed. I still have my job as a QA tech and I'm starting to build up some savings for the day I move out of my parents' house.

And I suppose it's only fitting, in Halloween spirit, to talk about the spookiest phenomenon on the planet.


When it comes to making your audience care about the characters...
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