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Shine Diamond episode 2--The Afterpost

Posted February 17th, 2018 at 1:09 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Dawn gets to know the boys a little, and discovers they have more in common with her than she thought!

The obvious big change in here (besides taking Team Rocket out) was moving Ash's Starly capture and first encounter with Paul to the next episode--this was because I wanted to give the audience a chance to breathe after starting with a bang, as well as bring someone just jumping into the series up to speed.

I do acknowledge Team Rocket by having Ash and Brock bring up the red Gyarados arc from Moonlight Silver--the first of many connections the boys have with Dawn. I also acknowledge Misty and foreshadow May for when she arrives later in the story (even though neither are mentioned by name.)

I also took a moment to explain where Dawn gets a fiddle, and how Ash got both the Pokeflute and a set of tin whistles, in addition to where Brock got a guitar. In my imagined Pokeworld, the Pokeflute is not like the same instrument we see in the real show--the remixed Pokeflute looks like a slightly longer recorder, and sounds like an Irish style flute.

Contests are also foreshadowed in this episode--and there's no battles in the contest hall this time around--they mainly follow the same rules in the games.

Next time, Ash makes his first Shinou catch, and meets his first Shinou rival!
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