[CENTER]Hi, I'm Anastasia - I talk about art since I'm an illustration major and I like to talk about art. Video games, birbs, and memes are also cool[/CENTER]
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I made Pokemon Sun and Moon prints! (EMAIL ME)

Posted November 28th, 2016 at 8:32 PM by Anastasia.R

[INDENT]I mentioned on [I][B][URL="https://twitter.com/MusicCombusken/status/801481736748204032"]twitter[/URL][/B][/I] and tumblr, but I made two prints for Pokemon Sun and Moon! I have extras so if you want some, hit me up with an email (email is on that tweet or just ask me / or PM me here). [I]also please do not repost, edit, use my work [/I]
[B]12 x 18in[/B] slightly glossy (it's not that shiny and it's heavy cardstock)
[B]5x7in postercard size! (not that shiny, same as the big poster)[/B]
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